Fitness influencer Anna Renderer strives for progress instead of perfection

Anna Renderer is one of those people who makes you say: “I want some of whatever she’s got.”

Renderer, who performed as talent in over 30 DVD’s for brands like Under Armour, Gatorade and BOSU, became highly popular thanks to her role as a fitness instructor and host of PopSugar Fitness, a division of the PopSugar lifestyle brand.
Her workout videos range from pilates and ballet to circuit training and HIIT.

Besides a genuine passion for fitness, Renderer’s charm stems from her unwavering positivity. “You’re getting stronger, you’re getting better. Next time, it’ll be easier,” she encouraged viewers in a recent video.

It’s not just a show she puts on for the cameras.
Her website, podcast, programs and Instagram account with over 24,000 followers are all about helping women feel empowered.

Renderer’s secret to stay in good spirits even during the most stressful seasons of life?

She focuses on her progress, rather than striving for perfection.
“This helps me not only in my fitness, but also in my business and relationships,” says Renderer.

Her thoughts shared via email could very well be turned into inspirational posters:

“Progress means that you’re continuously improving.”

“When your goal is progress, to continuously get better, you’re not going backwards. You’re not getting lazier, more unhealthy, more unmotivated, less confident.”

“Making progress in your life means you’re continuously WINNING. It’s a positive and motivating feeling.”

“Striving for perfection means you’re continuously losing. Never good enough, always behind the mark. It’s frustrating and crushes motivation.”

Watch Renderer’s talk about the power of daily intentions on her personal YouTube channel.

Snacks From Influencers is a series asking social media influencers for advice on self-improvement. Responses are edited for space and clarity.


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