Athlete and model Dale Moss proves success lies in undeterred self-confidence


Dale Moss is one of those people who possesses an electrifying presence.

Whether he’s playing football or he’s modeling for Wilhelmina, the 29 year-old NFL wide receiver has that je ne sais quoi that makes people instantly like him.

The numbers don’t lie.
About 4,000 people liked his FB page, over 42K users follow his Twitter account and a whooping 74k fans, his Instagram page.

Part of his charm lies in his ear-to-ear signature smile.

dale and kids.png
Dale Moss (@dalemoss13) • Instagram

Scroll through his photos and you’ll start seeing a pattern. Moss seems to have an equally good time promoting a company’s products, modeling or doing philanthropy work.


But what really makes him stand out is his undeterred self-confidence.

“I want to fuse sports, lifestyle and fashion and be someone who can be an example. You can really do anything and everything. Just be confident and have fun with it,” Moss said in an interview for Sports Illustrated.

Easier said than done.

So we asked Moss how exactly did he become an influencer in three different industries.

“I am always setting goals with a purpose,” he said.

Moss writes down his goals, reads them frequently and visualizes how he’ll achieve them. “Finally, I attach emotion so I am not only seeing it, but feeling it.”
This technique, Moss explained, “develops confidence, motivation and has always brought me success.”achieving your goals

Visit Moss’ website to see what he’s up to at any give time and stay tuned for the launch of his lifestyle blog. “I will be sharing my favorite fitness trends, training secrets that helped me become a world class athlete, favorite foods to keep you on top of your game, and of course fashion advice to keep you looking sharp in all facets of life.”

Snacks From Influencers is a series asking social media influencers for advice on self-improvement. Responses are edited for space and clarity.


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