Knocking Out Your Inner Critic with Dr. Amber Baker

“Go Friend Yourself” is a podcast by Dr. Amber baker, in she discusses ways to manage negative internal dialogue or “one’s inner critic”

Amber Baker is your inner critic’s worst nightmare.
“What if you were your own best friend instead of worst enemy when things are tough? How might your life be different? What would you attempt?” she asks.

Baker, a clinical psychologist with an angelic demeanor and soothing voice, is the creator and host of the  Go Friend Your Self podcast, where she offers tools to override your negative self talk.

Her words are uplifting, but not in a syrupy, sappy, impractical kind of way.

Her arguments are sensible and powerful. They can transform even the biggest Debbie Downer. She doesn’t just toss self-help truisms. Her motivational one-liners are always followed by logical explanations.

“You are what you think,” she recently wrote on her website.

Those words alone won’t snap you out of a funk. But Baker’s next comment might: “If we think things are possible, then we try. If we think highly of ourselves then we treat ourselves well and build relationships with others who treat us well also.”

Baker experienced the benefits of self-acceptance first-hand, after moving over 20 times by the age 13.

“I became a chameleon and reflected what I thought people would like to see. I didn’t feel good enough to just be me. Over time I have practiced sharing my real self with the world. I am on this journey right there with you.”

Listen to Dr. Baker recounting how she overcame her own struggles with perfectionism and became a friend to herself.
Follow her on Twitter or listen to her podcast, now available on iTunes.

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  1. Hello doc! Wow another great podcast! Every podcast you make is so incredible. Your wisdom is so powerful. You are amazing doc. Thank you for sharing💌💗😙

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