Let yourself be surprised by your true calling —A business coach’s story

Raw Snacks: A series asking experts to share a personal story of self-discovery. Responses are edited for space and clarity.

Why confine yourself into a box when you can build a fulfilling, lucrative career by employing all your skills, no matter how diverse? This one question prompted Jeffrey Shaw, business coach, author and host of ‘Creative Warriors’ podcast, to rethink his entire life and career.

A portrait photographer for more than 30 years, Shaw wasn’t expecting any major career changes. He was serving an affluent clientele, so money was the last of his worries.

About eight years ago though, other photographers started coming to him for business advice.

He discovered he had a knack for coaching and that realization set in motion a chain of events, which led him to marry his passions for photography and coaching into a profitable business.

A self-described former shy kid, Shaw is now a sought-after business coach and speaker. He gets to interview thought leaders such as Daniel DiPiazza, James Altucher and Jenny Blake. His Twitter following of 83,000 people grows by the minute.

But in order to get here, Shaw first had to get past a major mental roadblock.

“I was all over the place, feeling guilty after being told my whole life that I should only be good at one thing,” he says.

Then, he had an epiphany: “Who decided that the capacity to be creative is limited?”

Being able to create multiple avenues and live your passions, Shaw says, is not limited. “Look at what’s in common in all your passions. Is there a thread in everything that interests you?,” he says.

Listen to Shaw as he found his thread, one Sunday morning eight years ago.


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