A life coach’s two minute trick to kick that mean voice out of your head


Brad Bizjack
Brad Bizjack

Raw Snacks: A series asking experts to share a personal story of self-discovery. Responses are edited for space and clarity.

When it comes to his craft, Brad Bizjack, a 28-year-old life coach, is not afraid to make big promises. “I help millennials escape mediocrity by showing them how to get out of their own way.” Another one: “I’ll help you develop the mindset and strategies to live a badass life that most people think isn’t realistic.”

But what makes him so sure he can deliver?

For starters, Bizjack used to be one of those millennials.

His version of mediocrity included a soul-crushing job as an assistant merchant for a massive clothing retailer. Bizjack says he knew he was “meant for so much more.”

This epiphany launched him into a five-year journey of self-discovery. He spent countless hours reading books and tens of thousands of dollars attending seminars. And it wasn’t all that pretty. “Not gonna lie, the first few years were hard and mostly consisted of falling on my ass,” says Bizjack.

Nowadays, Bizjack, who like to call himself (f)unemployed, is living life on his own terms and teaches others to do the same. One of his signature program is The Appreciation Academy, a 30-day roadmap on how to create a truly fulfilling life.

Press play to learn Bizjack’s two-minute trick to eliminate your inner critic from his free online course “Breaking the Chains of Mediocrity.”




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