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By Lily Friedman


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We all want to achieve success in whatever it is we do, but nothing comes easily in the whirlwind that is life. And most of the time, achievements can’t be reached without a bit of struggle along the way.

Scouring the internet each week as the social media marketer here at The Sanity Snack, I’m on a mission to deliver some of the best wellness and self-improvement advice on the web to our followers.

When it comes to your success, this week’s ‘sanity tidbits’ are here to take you to the top of your game in everything you set out to do. These tidbits offer the advice you need to overcome your circumstances and setbacks through dominating your self-doubt and opening up pathways for success.

Here’s what The Sanity Snack has in store for you this week:

Overcoming Self-Doubt


It’s easy to become your own worst enemy, especially when your inner critic is involved. While second-guessing yourself can be good, it also has the power to crush your natural instincts and prevent you from taking action.

Self-doubt and second-guessing yourself doesn’t change overnight. But like any habit it is built consistently over time.”’s, ‘How Successful Leaders Overcome Self-Doubt’, offers four key ways to coach your mind out of self-doubt in anything you want to do.

Start practicing these steps each day in order to spot more opportunities, commit to your actions, and ultimately, change your thinking for the greater good of your sanity and success.

‘Coming Back From a Setback (Conquering Self Doubt & Find Gratitude & Mindfulness)’


Setbacks are powerful forces of nature no matter the size. They can make you feel helpless, guilty and even experience self-doubt. But rather than focusing on the struggles setbacks throw your way, you should be devoting this time to finding your way out of them.

In a podcast by Optimal Living Daily, narrator Justin Malik, shares Zen Habits, Leo Babauta’s tips for conquering self-doubt and overcoming setbacks. Beginning with Babauta’s personal story about a ‘mini’ setback which involves sticking to only bland food for a month, the podcast then dives into tips brought upon by personal experience and real-world examples.

In this struggle I’m having now, I embrace the reality of me and the reality all around me. But then I find the reality of someone else who is struggling, and see how I can help them,” Malik reads. It’s important to understand and embrace not only the reality of your own situation but also to lend a hand to others who may be struggling as well.

Feeling Trapped by Your Circumstances?

Life-changing events happen to us all the time and sometimes the circumstances brought on by this change make us feel trapped. Instead of letting this sense of hopelessness hold you down, you can aim to feel your inner power by helping yourself break free from the cage you feel stuck in.

Motivational blogger, Shona Keachie, writes an article for Tiny Buddha titled ‘What to Do If You Feel Trapped by Your Circumstances’. She begins the article by telling a story in which someone she knows must return back to their birth home country for ‘unalterable’ reasons.

This situation and the conversation that ensues between the two causes Keachie to realize that her unique approach to solving the problem can apply universally to anyone who feels trapped.


“If you can imagine that the new circumstances you dream of require some of these serendipities to line up, and you have an important contribution to make or an important lesson to learn in the process, it may help you feel better about your present circumstances,” Keachie writes. Her tips will assist you in feeling your freedom and power again so that life can start responding in its inexplicable ways.

“Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition – such as lifting weights – we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.”- Stephen Covey


Lily Friedman is an ambitious 20-year-old who edits Sanity Snack stories and manages the site’s media marketing. And she pulls these jobs off while studying creative writing and business at the University of Iowa.

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