The Positive Mindset a World Champion Mountain Biker Uses to Win Tough Races

Sonya Looney
Sonya Looney

Sonya Looney, world champion mountain biker, loves the mental challenge of endurance racing. Her favorite distances are the 75-100 mile days and 7 day races. She is also an inspirational speaker, wellness coach and podcaster with nearly 38,000 Instagram followers.

Two practices that help her nurture that positive mindset?

Gratitude and positive reframing

“I make an effort to appreciate very simple things around me and always try to frame thoughts with a positive spin so that I can find opportunity in challenges. It’s a habit that rewires your brain so you don’t have to work at it as much.”

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Watch Looney’s TEDx Talk to find out how these two practices helped her become, in 2012, the first woman to finish the 10 day Yak Attack race — the highest mountain bike race on Earth.

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