Four ways sound therapy can tame your “monkey mind”


As a sound and consciousness researcher, Michael Joly uses his unique sense of hearing and professional engineering to ease the lives of others. How? By creating N.O.W. Tone Therapy, a three-minute mindfulness guided meditation aid.

N.O.W. Tone Therapy System special sounds (New Origin Waveforms) to help shift the listeners focus from problematic thinking to a non-judgmental awareness. That in return drives brainwave frequencies that have been observed in the brains of experienced meditators. No training required. You can try it for free by clicking on this demo or buy it here.


The goal is to tame your “monkey mind” and bring a non-judgemental awareness to the present moment.

Joly describes your monkey mind as a state when your brain quickly jumps from one thought to another. Joly highly suggests Personal sound therapy (PST) if you’re the kind of person who is comfortable being alone with yourself. “If you prefer being with groups of people,” he said, “then Group Sound Therapy (GST –– i.e. sound baths or group meditation) may be more to your liking.”

But you can develop your own sound therapy at home too.

Here’s Joly sharing four ways you can use sound therapy to come to greater peace with your monkey mind:

1. Simply notice the world is filled with sound. Do not analyze or think about what you are hearing. Do not judge what you hear to be good or bad. Simply observe the sound field around you without judgment. Putting aside judgment for just a few seconds brings instant relief to a mind that is endlessly sorting, classifying, accepting and rejecting as it moves from thought to thought. Just listen. Really listen.

2. Feeling trapped by a limitation of any kind (financial, relationship, housing)? Try this: Wherever you are, close your eyes and image a “Do Not Enter” sign. Then notice how sound still reaches you. Sounds are unbounded by signage. This is not a metaphor for freedom. It is an actual experience of the freedom of sound to travel to you, unbounded.

3. No time for meditation? No problem. Personal sound therapy does not require time.  The benefits of PST are instant. Bring your focus to the sounds around you. Notice how these sounds are happening NOW. Not in the past, not in the future, but now. And NOW is the only time you are alive.

4. Tired of all the transactional deal-making in your relationships where there is always a winner and loser? Personal sound therapy is not transactional. It does not take from anyone. Try this: Gently hum a single note to yourself. Notice the “is-ness” of your own voice. Notice you are aware of both the sound and vibration of your voice. There is no deal making, there is no winner or loser.

Michael Joly is a sound researcher, the co-developer of N.O.W. Tone Therapy System and an invited member of the inaugural class of the Transformation Tech Academy –– a tribe of global leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who are leveraging tech for mental health. He blogs about sound and consciousness and lives with partner and N.O.W. co-developer Alene Sibley.

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