A ClassPass expert’s advice to switch up your workouts these holidays — and beyond

If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a fitness routine and you like caring after your body. But once November rolls around, putting on pants and heading out the door in the morning feels more like a chore, even the hardcore gym rats can agree.

Since you don’t want to deprive yourself of all those indulgent treats awaiting, does that mean you’re bound to join the cohorts of people lamenting the holiday weight gain?

Not at all!

There’s a way to muster up the motivation to move your body and move it smarter too, so you will really make your workout count.

Take Dara Theodore’s word for it. As a Head of Fitness at ClassPass, Theodore knows the three magic words that will have you sticking to – and thriving on – a fitness routine: 

Switch it up!  

Dara Theodore

“When you strength train, for example, you cause micro tears in your muscles that repair during recovery, improving strength. Once you become accustomed to lifting the same weight for the same number of reps, that process is stalled until you present your muscles with a new challenge,” Theodore says.

The same goes for running. 

If you run on the treadmill at the same speed for the same time on the same incline every time, she explains, you will still reap benefits but won’t necessarily see improvements in your fitness level.

Diversifying your workouts will also help you avoid boredom and make you choose the gym over your cozy bed during the cold season. When bored, Theodore explains, you are less likely to stick with your exercise program. “Finding small ways to vary your routine will keep you interested.”


Where to start?

Theodore, an expert for fitness brands like Life by Daily Burn, Shape, Health, and Fabletics, recommends memorizing this abbreviation: FITT.

FIIT stands for the principle to a well-rounded workout program: the Frequency of how often you exercise, the Intensity of your exercise, the amount of Time you exercise for, and the Type of exercise you do.

Changing one, a few, or all of these elements can help keep your workouts interesting and your body guessing, Theodore says.

If you like doing cardio, alternate between longer workouts at a steady pace and shorter workouts. You can also vary the type of cardio. Choose a rowing machine instead of a bike. Walk outside instead of on a treadmill.

More of a strength training fan? Pick up lighter weights, but go for higher reps during one session, and heavier weights with fewer reps in another. Don’t shy away from kettlebells, resistance bands, or suspension trainers to spice up your routine.

That said, there’s nothing like working out with a group to get fired up about exercising.

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