Could these be the reasons why you’re feeling tired all the time?


Are you feeling tired all the time? Do you struggle to stay awake when you’re at work? Can you not sit down for a moment without feeling the urge to nap? If so, then something is quite obviously wrong. We all feel tired occasionally, especially after a busy day. But all of the time? Day in and day out? If this is you, then you need to figure out the answer why.

It may be that you are struggling to sleep at night. If you aren’t getting your z’,s, then understandably, you are going to feel the effects in the day. You need to work out why you’re not sleeping and put things right.  If your mattress and pillows trigger allergic reactions or are no longer fit for purpose, then you might want to replace them with something containing eco-friendly memory foam. If there is light coming through your windows, you might want to invest in blackout blinds. And if you’re drinking coffee or eating junk food right before you go to bed, then you only have yourself to blame. Hot milk and a banana will induce sleep rather than disrupt it.

Perhaps you are suffering from too much stress. Not only will this make it difficult for you to sleep at night, but it can also cause tiredness during the day. When you are fraught with worries and anxieties, or if you live a high-stress lifestyle, then you will be zapped by high levels of cortisone, the stress hormone that can lower your energy levels. Getting on top of whatever is stressing you out is important, and slowing down during the day will also help you. Check out our 24-7 plan to help you deal with the problem.


You are unwell. Struggling to sleep and suffering from stress can cause you to feel unwell, but you may have other pressing health issues that haven’t yet been diagnosed. Type-2 diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and an under-active thyroid may be just some of the health conditions that are responsible for your tiredness. If you are permanently exhausted and you haven’t been to the doctor for quite some time, then perhaps today is the day you book that appointment.

You are falling into bad habits. Partying into the night is one bad habit you need to give up, as you will obviously feel the aftereffects during the day. The same applies to late night Netflix binges, as too much screen time before you hit the pillow will make it harder for you to nod off. And in the daytime, ensure you exercise more and eat a healthier diet. Both lack of exercise and a diet of junk food can be responsible for feelings of lethargy. In short, cut out your bad habits and tailor your lifestyle so you only fall asleep when you’re in bed, and not when you should be doing something else with your time!

Have we hit the nail on the proverbial head with this article? If you have spotted something that might relate to you, then you know what to do. Wake up to the issue at hand, and put it right so you can start feeling active and energized again throughout the day.



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