Five ways to heal your negative thought patterns


Most people have some negative thoughts. They can be about how you wished you had done things differently or maybe worrying about what the future holds. No matter what they are, they can make you suffer from anxiety and get depressed if you do not take control of them.

Here are a few tips to help you reduce the effects they can have on your well being.

Recognize Distortions

Negative thinking often distorts the reality you are experiencing. Some of the most common distortions include assuming the worst possible outcome is going to happen, only looking at the negative side of any situation or seeing everything as one way or another with no options in between. There is also a problem when people assume they are at fault for something, when a person’s reaction to them, for instance, might be nothing to do with them at all.

If someone snaps at you, it could be because they are having a bad day and not because of what they have said to you.

Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

Whenever you have a negative thought you should challenge its truth to change your mind. Think about how you would react if someone told you about a similar negative thought. You would probably come up with something positive to help them counteract it, and you should do the same for yourself.

Do not always assume that because something did not turn out the way you hoped that you were to blame, and remember, that if the worst does happen in the future, there is a positive side to every situation.

Seek Therapy

If your negative thoughts are making you anxious or depressed you perhaps need therapy to help you learn to cope with them. Neurofeedback is one type of therapy that has helped many people with these sorts of problems, and its success has been seen in many different areas relating to these problems. It works by training the brain to function more efficiently over time.


Reserve Judgement

Everyone judges himself or herself to some extent. It could be that you compare yourself to someone you think is prettier or more competent at their job. Constantly comparing ourselves to others breeds dissatisfaction and more negative thoughts than you need. You need to stop this. You should reserve judgment on yourself. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and because you think someone is prettier, does not mean that everyone else does.

Be Thankful

When people think back to events from the past and their memory distorts them into something negative, they should remember something good from that time too, no matter how small it is. If you are having a tough time with life at the moment, stop and look around, there will always be things you should be grateful for. Feelings of gratitude are the biggest factor in getting rid of negative thoughts, and you can train yourself to put these to the forefront of your mind and make life less stressful.

Negative thoughts are one of the main causes of anxiety and depression, and stopping these from happening in your mind could help to keep your mental health in a much better shape.


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