Anxiety and mental health blockers you might be in contact with daily



The mind is a complicated thing, don’t you think? We can often be governed in what we do by a simple thought or negative response to something. We can find that there can be triggers for anxiety attacks everywhere we go. Our minds can set boundaries we don’t even realize are there. It is a powerful tool, that can not only be our greatest asset but also our biggest issue. However, you may not even realize it, but you’re not doing yourself any favors when it comes to your anxiety and well-being by unintentionally blocking yourself daily. Here are some anxiety mental health triggers to look out for, in the hope that recognizing them may help you move forward and become more aware.

Your home could be a big trigger

Our homes should be the place that feels like the most welcome and relieving place to be, but without noticing it, your home could be a trigger for anxiety. We all know that our mental health can affect our capacity to keep a place tidy, clean and clutter free. But, over time you may find that rubbish builds up, you inherit new things without getting rid of the old, and before you know it your home is cluttered and causing your mind to spiral. However, taking charge and getting rid of rubbish inside and even outside of your home in the gardens will make a world of difference to how you feel mentally. Using websites like this could save you the hassle of disposing the rubbish, and leaves you safe in the knowledge that the right level of recycling has taken place. Working on your home environment could massively help improve your mental health.

What about the people you connect with daily?

Did you know that sometimes the people you spend the most time with may not be having a positive effect on your life? The truth of the matter is, that these people may be quite negative, which in turn could be having an effect on your well being without you even realizing. It might be worth taking the time to try and surround yourself with the people that make a big difference to your life. This article is worth reading to help you do it. It may be hard to get rid of the negativity completely, so prepare yourself with the armor you need to ensure that you don’t let it affect you like you may have been allowing in the past.

Is your job the issue?

Many of us could be spending the majority of our time at a job each day, but is this job the cause of some of your mental health triggers? If you don’t enjoy the job you do, don’t like being there, or perhaps don’t like who you work with, then this could be causing issues when it comes to your mental health. It may not be as easy as just giving up and walking into another job, but try and take the time to really think about what you want to do. The positivity that can come from taking action to make things better could be just the motivation you need to make it happen for yourself.


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