Your home could be making you unhappy without you realizing it

We all live hectic lives, darting from one place to the next, always trying to fit something extra in our schedules. It’s something that can leave us burnt out and unhappy. It’s not even uncommon for city dwellers with high flying jobs to go for days living off just coffee and chocolate – a truly unhealthy lifestyle.

Although the modern world seems to be designed in a way that goes against human health and happiness, we do have some control, especially in our homes. Is your home making you feel unhappy? Here’s what to do.

Tech In The Bedroom


Work can be so frantic these days that we just can’t switch off when we get home. Technology – be it phones, notebooks, or iPads – somehow always winds up in the bedroom. Some people make a ritual of it, firing off emails or sorting out reports while in bed before trying to get some sleep. It’s not healthy and leaves you “wired,” unable to switch off.

The solution? Remove all tech from the bedroom and ban technology from your presence for the hour before you plan to go to sleep. Not only will this protect you from blue light, but it will also help to calm your mind.

Poor Climate Control

Whether you realize it or not, subtle changes in temperature can stress your body. Going from a warm to a cold environment causes the release of heat shock proteins, putting you in an alert state. According to Action Cooling & Heating, many homes have poor climate control, meaning that heat varies substantially according to location. Some houses have serious drafts while others have faulty radiators, causing these disparities in temperature. Avoid stress by ensuring that the temperature is consistent throughout.

Too Much Gloom

Bright light is good for the human body. It helps our brains to release the correct hormones throughout the day, helping us to feel both happy and alert when we need to be. Modern life, especially city life in locations with poor climate, can do the opposite. Low levels of light in the home lead to feelings of fatigue and seasonal affective disorder.

Could your house be too gloomy? If you have any south-facing windows, consider making them bigger to allow more natural light into your home. Also, try opening up the back of your house to create an outdoor-indoor space so that you can get outside more often and enjoy natural light.

Lack Of House Plants


Research shows that people feel happier while in forests. The effect is so profound that some savvy business people now offer forest retreats for lifting moods. Your inner city apartment might feel a million miles away from a forest setting, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use some of the science of forests to lift your mood. Houseplants are an excellent way to get the benefits of nature all the time, without needing to travel out of your home at regular intervals. Great indoor plants include peace lily, aloe, gerbera and moth orchid.


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