The simplest way to achieve base-level happiness at home


When you have kids in the house, or even if you live with a partner, it can be challenging to find a space for yourself. Everywhere you turn, you’re confronted with someone else’s stuff. Be it the kids’ toys or his coat over the back of the door; you’re never quite left to your own thoughts. Don’t get us wrong; this is wonderful the majority of the time. There’s always someone around to put a smile on your face.

Still, we all need time to ourselves. Only when we’re alone can we fill the well which keeps our mental health on the right track. Sadly, this is easier said than done, but there are ways to achieve it.

Consider your basement. At the moment, it’s probably chock full of old kids clothes and family mementoes. The chances are that a lot of this is clutter which you could get rid of. And, if you did that, you would free up a vast space in which to focus on your well being privately. Admittedly, you would need to do some basic maintenance ahead of time. Your basement insulation may need attention. If the floors are exposed concrete, you might even need to invest in an epoxy coating like those offered at

Even so, these are small enough jobs which shouldn’t take longer than a weekend to complete. Then, you can focus on dedicating this space to the following wellness causes.


Nothing quite says yoga studio like an empty basement. The pure amount of floor space this room offers make it the ideal place to go all out with your corpse pose. Never again would you need to worry about kicking the dog with your downward dog. If the thought of this appeals to you, head to sites like The Open Mind Center for a little inspiration on how to get this right. The best part is, yoga rooms are usually pretty basic. White walls and no distraction are key. So, aside from the small issues already mentioned, you may find that you can start straight away.

Craft room

There’s something therapeutic about the process of creation. Sadly, this isn’t an option with kids around. One look at that pot of glitter from them would see it all over the floor. In a basement, though, you have the option of locking the door. As such, you would be free to invest in any crafting tool you wanted from sites like Blitsy without worry. Even better, it wouldn’t matter one bit if a blob of glue landed on that coated concrete!


Reading nook

It’s also worth noting that reading is fantastic for reducing anxiety. If you feel like you can’t breathe at home sometimes, then, creating a reading nook could be just the thing. Your basement walls may well be the ideal size for some hefty bookshelves. Then, all you need is a comfortable reading chair. Even ten minutes sitting in a basement like this could see you fresh and ready to rumble again.




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