Major mistakes to avoid when updating your decor

Updating your decor can be a lot of fun and it can help you to create a happier, healthier home. However, there are a few awful mistakes that people still seem to make, regardless of all of the information out there telling them not to.

We compiled some of the worst mistakes that people make when updating their decor – chances are, you’ve been guilty of one or two in the past. Take a look and see what you can change for an overall better looking decor:

Having All Of Your Furniture Pushed Against The Wall


People seem to think that shoving their furniture against the wall will make a room appear bigger. This is not the case. Even having the furniture pulled away from the wall by a few centimeters or inches can make a big difference and go a long way to prevent the place from appearing claustrophobic.

This is simply lazy and is not the best way to style your furniture or your room. Use a lay out app if you’re unsure of the best way to arrange your furniture and try something new. Whatever you do, don’t push it against the wall.

Choosing Matching Sets

Choosing matching furniture sets is easy, but again, lazy. It can look very 80s-90s, and that’s probably not the look you want to go for in your beautifully decorated home. Instead, take the time to choose some pieces from different collections, bringing them together by choosing  similar styles or color palettes. Mismatched pieces often look better together than matched pieces and can give a room a more professional finish in no time.

Buying The Wrong Sized Window Dressings

Window dressings can complete your room. A beautiful set of curtains from a place like can bring a little texture and luxury to a room, as well as keep the heat in when you need it. The right set of blinds can allow you the privacy you need while still letting in natural light. Taking the wrong measurements means you’ll end up with the wrong size and whole lot of wasted cash! Triple check your measurements, as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a refund.

Focusing Too Much On Trends

You don’t want to focus on trends when updating your decor. This isn’t about getting your place in a magazine – if you focus too much on trends, you’re probably going to go right off them in a few months, leaving you with the urge to decorate all over again. This should be all about your tastes and preferences, not anybody else’s.

Not Bringing The Outdoors In


Let in natural light for health and happiness, and bring in lots of leafy green plants and flowers. Bring the outdoors in for fresher air and a more beautiful home.

Forgetting To Incorporate Your Personality

This is your home, so incorporate your personality. Use colors and patterns you like and show off sentimental items from loved ones and places you’ve travelled. Make sure to have lots of fun with it.


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