From passion to business: a biker’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur


Food scientist, big-time biker and business woman, Jeri Rutherford knows a thing or two about perseverance and pursuing a dream. Just like all dreams which stem from passion, the idea is easy, but following through is a totally different ball game.

At the time, RideOut Technologies was merely a pipe dream. But Rutherford was so persistent in her attempts to create the most comfortable bike seat that eventually someone had to say yes.

And that day didn’t come without defeat and triumph.  

If you’re here to learn about the benefits of biking, which are tenfold, you can check out Rutherford’s blog, where she shares everything from her biking adventures to the powers of biking.

But if you need some encouragement to turn your dreams into a business, Rutherford’s video below may provide some clarity.


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