Weekly Roundup: creating an attitude of gratitude and a week full of ‘Thanks’

By Lily Friedman

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.”

Melody Beattie

Tis’ the season for celebrating gratitude and the power of ‘thanks’. With Thanksgiving only days away, there’s no better time for acknowledging everything in life and showing those you love exactly how you feel.

That’s why I scoured the internet to compile some of the best advice and information on giving-thanks I could manage to find. As social media marketer here at The Sanity Snack, I’m always on a mission to deliver the best wellness and self-improvement guidance to our followers.

With this week’s Wellness Roundup we’ll come to find that everything is connected, be it from our emotions to our focus, and our thoughts to self-talk. When it comes to being grateful for the lives we live, nothing’s off limits in these ‘sanity tidbits’.

The Power of Thanks


Our emotions direct us towards situations deserving of attention. With all the disasters spotlit in the media these days, it’s easy to focus on the bad times instead of the good. But by shifting our emotions to the good times, we can focus on all times.

Margie Warrell discusses practicing gratitude in ‘The Power Of Giving Thanks: Why Gratitude Is Not Just For Good Times, But For All Timeson Forbes.com. Warrell says we all have the power to be brave, compassionate and make the world a better place. “Yet we cannot harness this power when we expend our energy focusing on what is wrong, laying blame and perpetuating the same lower order thought patterns that have created the problems to begin with,” she explains.

This is where the importance of gratitude comes into play. By trading your complaining for thanks-giving, you can focus on all that is right and work towards making it even better. “What you focus on expands. For better or for worse,” Warrell says.

Becoming Kind and Grateful for The Body


Just as there are benefits to gratitude, there are also dangers too. In Georgian Benta’s The Gratitude Podcast, he sits down with life coach Lisa Carpenter to talk everything from practicing deep gratitude to the ways in which gratitude can create positive self-talk.

Carpenter opens up the chat in ‘From Being Hard on Yourself To Being Kind and Grateful for Your Body’ by defining gratitude as a foundation for joy. “Learning how to slip into deep gratitude is a powerful tool that shifts out perspective of how we see the world,” she says.

So what possibly could the dangers of practicing gratitude be? Carpenter admits that at one point she was using gratitude as a way to numb the sadness in her life. “Our emotions are here for a reason. They are here to guide us and help heal us. And when we don’t allow ourselves to actually acknowledge and feel what we are feeling, it doesn’t go away,” she says. As much as gratitude can shift our attention and put us into a state of higher wellbeing, it’s not until we actually acknowledge what we feel underneath it all that we can begin moving on. Carpenter explains how you must fully grieve and be present in the moment before you can step into pure gratitude and start practicing it the right way.

Food is another thing Carpenter’s noticed people using to numb their pain. By practicing gratitude towards your body, you can completely change your relationship with food and also get rid of those self-deprecating thought and negative self-talk. She also shares some techniques you can do to practice your own gratitude.

The Truth About Gratefulness


All this talk of gratitude and you still don’t know all the facts and the benefits behind it-

Well, ‘Ten True Things About Gratefulness’ by the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health on Dailygood.org gets to the bottom of how cultivating gratitude can transform the way we see ourselves, our relationships and the world. Some of gratitude’s benefits even range from deeper sleep and improved health to higher self-esteem and enhanced stress resilience. Ultimately, gratitude has the power to make us happier.

Click here to see what Kristi Nelson, a survivor of stage IV cancer has to say about the truths of gratitude after practicing firsthand.

A LITTLE EXERCISE TO GET YOU WARMED UP- Comment down below what you are most grateful for this holiday season.


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