3 tips for freeing yourself from ongoing subscriptions and money drains


One thing we so often miss out on in this day and age, is a sense of simplicity, calm and focus. Everything seems to be going at a thousand miles an hour, and distractions and stresses are coming at us from every angle.

One of the key ways in which stress, anxiety, and uncertainty manifest themselves in our lives is through financial issues. Having money seeping out of your bank accounts on a regular basis can be inherently stressful in and of itself, even if those leaks are in the form of subscription payments for services you benefit from. Multiply those subscriptions, and the stress only mounts.

Here are a few ways to begin freeing yourself from ongoing subscriptions and money drains:

Choose a pre-paid or pay-as-you-go phone deal over a contract

It’s pretty routine these days for people to get phones on contract, and as a result, find themselves locked into certain payment obligations for pretty long stretches of time. Phone contracts will typically involve monthly payments for 12-24 months at a stretch.

If your personal circumstances in life change, or you decide you don’t want a contract or a phone after all, you can find yourself in a tricky situation.

A better and more flexible option for many people might be to simply choose a pre-paid or pay-as-you-go phone deal from a provider like Straight Talk phones, instead of signing up for a conventional contract.

This way, you only have to “commit” financially, to one 30 day period at a time.

Dare to go low-tech in certain aspects of your life

There are many benefits to various forms of technology, but there are also many downsides, both in terms of how things like social media affect our actual social lives and sense of self-confidence, also in financial terms.

It’s a fallacy to think that you need a high-tech solution for every problem you face in life. Yet many people pay regular subscriptions to web-based apps and services that might be no better, ultimately, than low-tech alternatives. In fact, in various ways, they may even be worse.

Dare to go low-tech in certain aspects of your life where it seems feasible. Low-tech solutions are generally pretty standalone and don’t require ongoing subscriptions to various companies. With a paper notebook, you can create a Bullet Journal that will achieve much, if not all, of what various paid tools will.

Free yourself from the need for constant high-octane stimulation, and read a book or go for a walk

Often, money-drains in our lives are tied to our need for constant high-octane stimulation. We’re all more or less accustomed to streaming our favorite music at a moment’s notice, diving into the endless Netflix library and absorbing 6-hours of TV in one sitting, and more.

But relying too much on these modern and highly-visceral luxuries doesn’t just reduce our bank balance, it also reduces our ability to enjoy slower-paced, less-vivid forms of entertainment, like reading a book, or going for a walk.

Consider emphasizing more of those “slow-paced” activities in your life, and maybe even think about cancelling that Netflix subscription.


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