How to Relax After a Hectic Week


So many people have hectic and busy lives where it’s a talent to juggle home life and kids, with a full-time career. With so much going on each day, it can be difficult to find some time to take for yourself, to relax and have a pamper session.

However, it’s important to take one day, every one to two weeks, to indulge the body; which will relax the mind and ensure you’re ready to take on whatever the upcoming days bring you.

Time In The Tub

Below are some ideas for those who need to relax after a hectic week:

Running yourself a warm bath can start the relaxation process straight away; the sound of the water hitting the tub will chill you out before you’ve even stepped inside to soak.

Pour in some luxury bubble or oils, and begin to treat your skin to some much-needed relief and moisture. Lighting a lavender-scented candle and playing some chilled-out music will also help to create a relaxing ambiance.

Make sure that your tankless water heater is in tip-top condition so that you have plenty of soothing hot water to make the most of. It’s always worth keeping your plumber son speed dial during the colder months, just in case. If you don’t have a bath, treat yourself to luxury shower gels, oils, and hair products, so you’ll step out smelling dreamy. You could also fill a tub, or foot spa, full of warm water, and get comfy while your feet soak.

Focus On Your Skin

Once you’ve soaked and cleansed your skin, it’s time to hydrate it further. If you’re a fan of mud or sheet masks, the bath would have been a great opportunity to lay there wearing one; or perhaps you shower and use one afterward along with your foot spa.

Choose a face mask that’s suitable for your skin type, or that targets any specific skin issues you might be having. After removing the mask, it’s time to indulge even more with moisturizers and serums.

Again, it’s wise to choose specific products that will help any skin issues you might be facing, so a balancing mask or brightening moisturizer for lackluster skin, might be an appropriate choice. Now is also a great opportunity to lather the luxury body cream you bought yourself, or were gifted as a treat, all over your body and limbs; from your neck to your ankles. Foot creams tend to be very rich in their formula, so treat your toes and heels and pop some cotton socks on for the rest of the night as it soaks in.

Final Touches

So you’re fully cleansed, moisturized, and any specific skin issues have been targeted; now’s the time to add the pretty touches that will last during the week ahead.

File and buff your nails and toenails, and pop some cuticle oil on each finger. While that soaks in, put your feet up and catch up on your favorite T.V show, or watch a movie.

Focusing your mind on something you enjoy will help to relieve any stresses you’ve had during the week, and you’ll be calm and happy for the next one. When it comes to painting your nails, pick a color that makes you smile and that you’d happily wear with any outfit during the week.

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