Feeling overly emotional? Signs that your mental health is suffering


You would definitely consider yourself to be quite a sensitive person, especially at the moment. Your emotions are heightened and nothing seems to be going in the right direction for you right now. When it comes to helping your mental health, you usually understand the symptoms and signs that you need to look out for, but you’re feeling a bit fuzzy at the moment.

In order to take action and help yourself recover you might want to see if you’re noticing any of the following signals. Recognizing the indicators will be your first step towards getting better.

You’re Seeking Help

If you’re already looking for help, then this is actually an excellent sign. Knowing that you are going through some mental health struggles is a very important first step you need to take. Whether you’re searching for anorexia treatment options or you need to enlist the help of a registered psychotherapist, your mental health is extremely important to take charge of. If you carry on suffering with an illness such as anorexia your body will slowly begin to slow down and it will be even more difficult to recover.

You’re Isolating Yourself

Are you finding yourself turning down social invitations or ignoring your friends? Isolating yourself when you’re suffering with mental health problems is extremely common, so you’re not alone at all. Try to find somebody who might be going through the same ongoing struggles as you. You could reach out to a local support group or even phone a helpline if you want to speak anonymously. Keeping your feelings bottled up will never be productive for you; find someone you can trust and talk about your feelings openly and honestly. It can be extremely hard to open up but remember this will help you to get closer to the recovery you deserve.

You Feel Demotivated

You used to have huge ambitions and goals in life, but at the moment you have no motivation or desire to chase any of your passions. This might be a clear sign that you’re going through mental health issues. You energy and enthusiasm will slowly start to return once you have been able to speak to a professional and start the journey to recovery.

You Don’t Recognize Your True Self

When you’re used to waking up and seeing a smiling face in the mirror, it can be very difficult to recognize your true self. Your appetite is gone, you don’t enjoy your hobbies anymore and your inner spark has fizzled away. Remember this is only a temporary feeling and you will soon be able to find yourself again in time.

No matter how hard you try to combat your feelings of grief, anger and upset, you can’t do this without understanding where the emotions are stemming from. Make an appointment with a medical professional and they will soon be able to point you in the right direction. You don’t need to suffer in silence for any longer; you can get back to your usual self again and start to live your life just how you want.


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