Managing your mental health when moving

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Moving isn’t an easy affair and it takes a lot out of a person. Some people might find absolutely zero difficulty in hopping from place to place. In fact, many people do this each and every year, the moment their rental lease is up, they’ll be jumping to a new area of the city, or perhaps a new city entirely. These people are the one’s we most feel envious of when it comes to moving season.

But for most of us, moving can be a truly stressful affair. Those who enjoy feeling rooted and connected to a place will often find the turbulence of lifting their anchor for shores anew to be completely disorienting. It may even take months for them to settle into their new environment.

But it isn’t all bad. You’re likely moving for a reason, and we hope that reason can be construed as positive. Managing your mental health during this period can be one of the most important things to do, and if done well, you may reduce your stress levels of this period by a considerable percentage.

It pays to know how to begin. Consider our thoughtful advice:

Stretch Things Out

If you can, it can be important to stretch things out, as in avoiding taking care of everything all at once. Select your furniture removalist ahead of time. Try to aim for a certain month of moving to plan everything around. Be sure to let your employer know well in advance. Give yourself the time to travel there on the actual day, even splitting up the journey if need be. Don’t be afraid to delay if something important comes up, or if you can only gain help during a certain time. All of these factors contribute to this moving period and can inform your overall contribution to things. So don’t be afraid to make the most of it. Instead, try and do your best to lay this breadcrumb trail out as we have suggested. It could help you get through this massive process piece by piece, feeling more stress-free and less blown over by the whole affair.

Bring Forward The Move-In Date

If you can, bring forward the move-in date. Let’s say that the original plan was the move into the new property in February, but the lease to your current home expires just before that month comes, you may plan to spend some time at a friend’s house while you move things across. However, if you could, sometimes paying the extra money to have that date brought forward a couple of weeks or even a month gives you plenty of time to move your goods and access the two properties. It’s better to have two beds to your name than none. Bringing forward the move in date allows for more freedom in this incremental mindset, which is quite obviously foundational to the comfort of your overall moving experience.

Recruit Help

Ask your friends or family to help you. Ask your trusted colleague to help you. Don’t be afraid to hire a premium moving service to help you pack if they offer that service. We’re all a little stronger together, and sometimes you can feel a little less isolated when moving this way. Just be sure to repay the favor or take the person who helps you out for dinner as a ‘thank you’. Not only does this speed up the process, but it also lessens your future exhaustion to a monumental degree.

With these tips, you’re all set up to manage your move and mental health, making the process as stress-free and smooth as possible.


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