Not feeling like yourself lately? Here are some possible causes



Most of us have experienced it at one time or another- the feeling that we’re not quite ‘ourselves’, and it can be really quite unnerving. Often it’s difficult to pinpoint what has brought this on, as the signs can be subtle.

If you’re feeling this way, here are some things to look into.

An underlying health condition

Underlying health conditions can be serious, but only present minor symptoms at first. If you’re unable to sleep, concentrate well or feeling irritation somewhere in your body, this can leave you feeling a little frazzled and not like yourself.

Even if it seems like something minor, have it checked out for your own peace of mind. If you have a health condition and you’ve recently changed medication, this could also be a reason that you’re feeling a bit off. There’s a chance it doesn’t agree with you, or maybe you just need time to adapt for it will work.

Depression or mental health issues


Sometimes mental health issues can be difficult to spot. You might not think you’re depressed because you’re not crying all the time, you’re still functioning and going to work. But the truth is, mental health issues affect us all differently, and if you’ve been feeling a little ‘off’ for a while then this could well be it. Things like tms treatment (therapy) are an option, and something to look into if you’re diagnosed and don’t want to take medication. 

Maybe you’ve been a little snappy, irritable or just a bit blue and don’t know why. If you’ve ruled out physical health conditions, chat with your GP about the way you’re feeling.

A relationship is draining you

Being around the wrong people can really take it out of you. If you have someone in your life that’s overly needy or sensitive, has you treading on eggshells or even outright abuses you (mentally or physically) then this can drain your spirit. As with the other things on this list, it’s not always obvious and these things can be subtle but significant. Have a think about the people closest to you in your life, and what your relationship is like with them. If you’re around someone toxic, cutting them off could lead to a much happier you.

You feel restricted

As adults, we’re good at buckling down and ‘getting on with it’- usually, things we don’t want to do. We go to work each day, we get the housework done, we care for our children even though it can be incredibly difficult at times. Of course, these are all things that we need to do, but they can leave us feeling restricted. Having some kind of outlet really can make you feel like you again.


Perhaps try a creative hobby if you work a boring job and feel restricted creatively. An active hobby or the gym could be useful if you’re full of restless energy, or an outdoors hobby can be fantastic for those that feel that they’re stuck in the house a lot. Bringing some balance back to your life can bring back your passion and zest for life.


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