How marriage counseling can help you grow in all areas of life

By Lily Friedman


A healthy marriage is the foundation to a happy life.

It’s not a truism made up by therapists. Without the stability of a loving marriage, everything else can feel as if it’s falling apart. This is why marriage counseling is such a powerful tool.

Beyond fixing the relationship, marriage counseling can actually help you grow many other aspects of your life. Because each of you are an important substructure to the marriage, you both must be in the right state of mind to hold your union together.

Here are some significant ways marriage counseling can make YOU a better person, which in turn, will strengthen your relationship:

Happy marriage, healthy you

Happily married people are proved to be healthier than people in unhappy marriages and even single people. Research shows that couples who have happier spouses report having better health themselves. Experts from Cleveland Clinic found that happy partners are more likely to provide social support, and this can include aiding their partner in daily exercise, getting enough sleep and promoting a healthy diet. On the flip side, poor social support has been linked to loneliness and depression.

What’s more, studies found that happily married men age between three and eight years less than men who aren’t married, while women in a happy marriage age two years less than single ladies. Professor Christine Proulx at the University of Missouri analyzed the relationship between quality of marriage and self-health, and discovered less fighting means less stress for each individual. “Engaging with your spouse is not going to cure cancer, but building stronger relationships can improve both people’s spirits and well-being and lower their stress,” she said.

Increased job satisfaction

It’s hard to believe, but marital status has profound effects on your overall job satisfaction. By seeking counseling and fixing your sinking relationship, you’re doing yourself – and your career – a major favor. While many factors boost your job satisfaction, research indicates that married employees are more satisfied with their work than unmarried coworkers. It’s speculated that this might be due to the values married couples uphold, and the ways in which increased responsibilities make a steady job more important and valuable.

Happily married employes are also more likely to take on challenging tasks. The term “motivated cognition” refers to the tendency to perceive events in ways that align with our goals. The commitment and dedication to improve a relationship tend to show up in the workforce and help people better deal with setbacks.

Less worry over money

Poor financial standing is a leading factor in the downfall of a marriage. Money struggles affect your mental health, creating unnecessary stress, constant anxiety and fighting during marriage. Most of the time, tight finances stem from a lack of proper communication. Studies show couples in healthy marriages are twice as likely to discuss their money dreams together, and 54% of partners in “great marriages” talk daily or weekly with their spouse about money.

Seeking marriage counseling is one way to effectively strengthen your communication and deal with money issues while in a relationship. 

Marriage counseling doesn’t only benefit your relationship, it ultimately strengthens key aspects that impact your entire life. If you want better your overall well-being, ask your partner to attend couples therapy. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, BetterHelp offers chatting with a counselor from the comfort of your couch.

Lily Friedman is an ambitious 20-year-old who edits Sanity Snack stories and manages the site’s media marketing. And she pulls these jobs off while studying creative writing and business at the University of Iowa.

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