Your guide to throwing a spectacular housewarming party


While you may be way past the age of attending a house party and all the chaos that is usually bundled with it in our teens, a house warming party is something you’re never too old for. Bringing together those you love, and potentially those you wish to make friendships with in your new community can help you feel settled in a place, as this form of event serves as a milestone you are sure to appreciate.

Not all house warming parties are the same. They can vary depending on the community you’re in, the current season, the type of house you have and your living situation. You may not wish to host one at all, and instead, head out for dinner with your friends.

However, if you wish to kick off your household hosting with a bang, it can pay to know where and how to begin. For this and more, considering the following can be worthwhile:

Social Lubricants

We all know that a little alcohol can help the night go more smoothly, and for the veneer of awkwardness to be lifted. However, you need to be careful here. Suggest it’s a BYOB and you’re likely going to see people turning up with crates of beer, spirits, in other words, plenty to get them ‘hicupping’ a little sooner than expected. Remember that the aim of the night isn’t to get super drunk, but to have a nice social time. This is why it might be worth it to buy wine online, and offer it to your guests. This way you can not only ensure that the night takes on a classier tone, but that people will be less tempted to drink to excess when you’re kindly providing them the glass. Providing dinner or a spread of finger foods can also prevent your guests from getting too merry, too quickly.

Making An Event Of Things

Don’t just invite people around your new town. Make dinner. Arrange a tour. Perhaps start a barbecue in your back garden. Do something. Making an event of things, even if it’s just silly party games, can help the evening take on a direction, and furthers people coming together as one. This can be especially important if you have a mix of neighbors you have invited as well as regular friends who are coming to see the new place. With this in mind, it’s also important to consider:

Trust vs. New

It’s essential to consider how you trust those coming to your place. Inviting strangers from your new street or community can be an exercise in risk. You never know when the one person you invited might be more opportunistic than you think, and steal something from you. This is just one example. This is why for every two strangers from your street you invite, you should invite at least one friend you trust. This ensures that everyone behaves themselves.

Informing The Neighbors

Inform the neighbors about your house warming event. Take this as a chance to quickly assess if this is someone you hope to attend or not. You can make plenty of friends here, and potentially become on a first name basis with those who live nearby. This is always good. Just don’t be afraid to neglect inviting those you obviously aren’t going to gel with. This is your new house, after all.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to throw a spectacular house warming party for your friends and new neighbors!

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