“There’s just too much stuff to move!” Here’s how to do it and stay sane


Picking up your entire life and moving to a new home is very exciting. You’re going to be in a new neighborhood, meeting new people and the change of scenery is going to freshen up your life in general. But nowadays families have so much stuff it’s almost impossible to move all in one day.

In fact, it’s such a large task that it doesn’t make sense to leave it all to one day. Your hands might be tied and you will need to move only on certain days as to pertaining your agreed contract. Many times this is due to the other party not being able to get their things in order to vacate the property. So in that sense, moving in one day is actually forced and not something that someone would choose.

If you do happen to get the opportunity to move in over multiple days, always take it. If you can’t, then here are some thing you can do to make the process of moving a lot easier:

Store your belongings

Somewhere in the middle between your new and old home, there can be a place which you use for storage purposes. Something like on the go moving is great for movers who have so much stuff that they need to make multiple trips but are against the clock. Here, you can have your own private storage space for however long you book it for, allowing you to store items that perhaps aren’t truly essential.

You’ll have your bed, furniture and other appliances in the moving truck but you can still store things like clothes, toys, tables, carpets and more in the stopover space. If you have to move out of your property at a certain date that is actually before your own moving date, having a storage space will allow you to keep your things in holding until you are ready to move. This way you don’t break any contractual agreements but keep your belongings safe and sound.


Recruit help

Friends and family can be used to make a move quicker. Some companies will gladly offer you their own movers to come along and help you, and in fact, most have this in their packages. However, sometimes you also need help moving things downstairs such as beds and desks. Large computers are fragile so they also need to be lifted and handled with care. If you simply have too much stuff, employing a friend or family member to come over and help with just the packing and packaging can really help you save time and money.

Don’t be lazy!

Perhaps it’s needless to say, but don’t be lazy. If you do have a lot of things to move, start packing a month or a couple of weeks out from the move. Don’t get caught out and have to rush- because that’s when things break or get left behind.

Large families are especially prone to forgetting something when they move just because there’s so much stuff they own. If you are being hurried by a contract, having your own storage space to leave some of your things in really helps with multiple trip moves.



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