Congrats, new homeowner! Common repairs you’ll have to deal with



Buying a new house should be a very exciting time for most people, especially if they are first-time buyers. However, you don’t get to check out a property in much detail before you do commit to a purchase.

Even if you get a building firm to carry out a property survey, there are still some issues that could go unnoticed. Once you do move in and uncover these problems, you can be certain that they will be fairly costly and most of them will need to be dealt with straight away. It’s not exactly what you will want just after you have moved into what was meant to be the house of your dreams. So, which jobs should you be aware of when you have just bought a new house?

Here are some very common home repairs that most people have to take care of when they move into a new property.



Air conditioning and heating maintenance

Hopefully, the home’s previous owner was taking good care of their heating and air conditioning system. If not, you might have a big problem on your hands. First of all, it’s important to get a survey of the appliances carried out. A firm like the American Standard air conditioner repair company should be able to do that for you. That should give you an overview of how well the appliance is currently working. If it doesn’t look like it’s doing too great, the repair firm will be able to deal with it.

Leaky faucets

Over time, kitchen and bathroom faucets can become loose and will end up leaking as a result. It’s worth taking the time to check all of the faucets in your new home to make sure that they aren’t leaking at all. If they are, it could be causing water damage, encouraging pests into your home, and even pushing up your monthly water bills. Thankfully, you should be able to tighten the leaky parts of a pipe or faucet yourself. If it is in an awkward position, you might need to call out a plumber to help you out.


Damp-proofing rooms

If you move into a period property, you will need to ensure that all of the rooms have been damp-proofed. If not, then there is a good chance you will need to deal with a lot of mold and moisture issues in the walls, which can be both annoying and expensive. If you know that a room needs to be damp-proofed, you will have to get in touch with a local building firm. Most will be able to come around and make sure that there is no chance of any moisture working its way into your rooms!

Replacing old decking

Garden decking is one thing that the majority of homeowners tend to neglect over time. So, if there is any wooden decking in your new home, there is a good chance that you will have to replace it. Make sure you do this before it becomes a hazard.

Hopefully, the work in your new home isn’t too expensive!


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