Moving home in three simple stages of organization

Traditionally, moving home has been one of life’s most stressful moments. The reason for that quite often falls on the lack of organization, but there are other factors to consider, as well as planning.

Let’s look at how you can prepare yourself for a stressless transition to a different property by breaking down the process into three simple stages, so you can see just how feasible it is to move your life between homes.


The first part of the plan is to make sure you are in a position of complete organization. There are many ways to go about this, but one suggestion that often works is to take your home room-by-room. This means you should target completing one room at a time, possibly starting with the easiest to give yourself a confidence boost. In addition to this proposal, you should at this stage start arranging your belongings into three piles.

  • To be thrown out
  • For storage
  • Making the move

These groups will determine how much time you need to move between the two properties. Now we aren’t suggesting that you should be throwing all of your stuff out, but rather you might want to take a selective approach to the things you take to your new home so as not to clutter it up on your first day.


Once you have your piles sorted and the rooms organized, for this next step, it is time to get rid of the things that aren’t making the trip to the new property with you. You might want to hire a skip to make the process of throwing things out a little bit easier and to stop black bags from clogging up the place. At this point, you should also be looking into storage facilities so that the things you’re not sure about taking with you and don’t want to throw out right now have a new place to stay.

Storage is a very useful tool when it comes to moving home because its a sort of halfway house for your belongings that will make things easier on the other end.


For the final step, it is time to get moving. The final piece of advice here is to not do it all on your own. There are professional household movers out there who will be better placed to take your personal goods to the new property. Your focus should be on ensuring you have completed the tasks you need to before leaving, and have the keys for the new place. Let the experts take care of the rest so that you can have peace of mind.


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