Don’t move out! Just update and upgrade these 3 special spaces of your home

When we first move into a property, we tend to assume that we have to settle with it as it is. This is perhaps why so many of us spend extended periods of time browsing the market and trying to find something that it absolutely perfect for us. But as time goes on, we might begin to feel that our home isn’t quite what we want anymore.

Our tastes may have changed or our needs may have altered – our home may no longer fit into our aesthetic preferences or it may simply not be functional or appropriate for our living needs. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to up and leave.

Instead, why not consider updating or upgrading the property you’re already settled into? This can prove cheaper, it could actually take less time, and it could really bring your property up to scratch, meeting your new and improved expectations. Here are just a few areas, large and small, that you might want to focus on!

Extra Rooms

If your family has grown or you simply want more space in your home, you can have extra rooms fitted into or added onto your property. Your first option is a loft or attic conversion. This turns a relatively disused and wasted space into a whole new functional space that could serve as a bedroom or a general extra living space. Sure, you will have to have a fair amount of work carried out. Floorboards will have to be fitted, walls will have to be plastered and painted. You may have to have electrics or plumbing installed into the space for light and perhaps an en suite bathroom.

But once the work is complete, your home will feel much bigger without actually having any extra building added to the outside. It’s perfect for those of us who have limited land! If you have more land, you could also consider an extension – quite literally adding extra rooms onto your home. Just make sure that you have the relevant planning permissions before getting started.

The Bathroom

We tend to neglect our bathrooms when it comes to design. But this can prove to be such an aesthetically pleasing space and – at the end of the day – you do use this space on a daily basis. So, why not invest a little more attention to it?

Tub Refinishing

Our bathtubs can wear down with use over time. Cleaning can only do so much – it can’t cover up wear and tear. So why not consider sprucing it back up with tub refinishing. This will leave your current tub looking brand new once again!

Heated Towel Rails

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, consider fitting heated towel rails. These are by no means a necessity, but they can ensure that you have a toasty towel to step into each time you step out of your steamy shower into a relatively chilly bathroom space.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is generally referred to as the heart of the home. So why not give it a little TLC? There are so many alterations and upgrades that can take place in this space!

Extra Units

Storage is the key to an uncluttered kitchen space. When it comes down to it, our kitchens tend to have a whole host of things to store – utensils, cutlery, crockery, pans, trays, glassware, tea towels… that’s before we consider space for food! So, why not add some extra units? These can help to keep your worktops free for food preparation.

A Breakfast Bar

Breakfast bars are great for eating breakfast at. But they’re also perfect for sitting with a friend and catching up over a drink. They’re also perfect for giving guests somewhere comfortable to sit that isn’t too far and allow conversation to continue smoothly while you’re cooking. They’re the perfect feature for a socialite!

These are just a few different updates and upgrades you can have carried out on your property. As you can see, you really don’t need to move into a completely different property to get what you want from your home. Alterations will, of course, take time, effort, and financial investment. But at the end of the day, it will all be worth it to return home to the perfect living space at the end of a long day at work or out socializing!


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