Why Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Many of us give up on healthy eating because it’s hard work. Healthy food may make us live longer, but it takes longer to prepare and it tastes less interesting – so what’s the point?

Fortunately, eating healthy isn’t all about following strict time-consuming diet plans. With a few minor adjustments to what you eat and the way you eat, it’s possible to eat healthy without making a chore of it. Here are just a few ways to make eating healthy easier:

Discover healthy treats

Cutting out treats like chocolate and alcohol completely can be demotivating. Rather than trying to cut these out completely, focus instead on finding healthy alternatives. Dark chocolate is often healthier than milk chocolate and could still give you that cocoa craving – whilst some brands compensate the bitterness by adding extra sugar, there are healthy brands out there like Pascha that still taste good. As for alcoholic drinks, choose drinks such as red wine that have health benefits to balance out their unhealthy alcohol content and switch to low-calorie/low-sugar mixers when having spirits such as slimline tonic or soda water.

Purge those unhealthy snacks

To prevent yourself giving into those unhealthier alternatives, make sure to get rid of all traces from your kitchen cupboards. You’re more likely to give into your cravings if you have snacks in your home. If you live with other people that still want these unhealthy foods, encourage them to hide them from you so that you won’t be tempted to dip into their stash. It’s much easier to remove temptations than it is to train yourself to resist them.

Realize that there’s more to seasoning than salt

Too much salt can raise blood pressure to unhealthy levels. If you often season food with salt, try opting for other spices instead such as cumin, paprika and black pepper. This could help to make meals just as flavorsome but without that unhealthy dosage of salt. The same goes for adding sugar to tea and coffee – rather than opting for refined sugar, why not try other healthier means of sweetening such as adding honey or molasses?

Use meal kits to make shopping for healthy ingredients simpler

When it comes to taking the effort out of shopping for healthy meals, ordering meal kits online can save you a lot of time. These contain all the ingredients that you need – sometimes pre-portioned so that you don’t have to measure. By reading reviews such as this Martha and Marley Spoon review you can find meal kits that have healthy options. Many of these meal kits are also very affordable.

Use gadgets that make cooking healthy easier

You can also make it easier to prepare meals by investing in gadgets that take the hard work out of cooking. Slow cookers, blenders and mandoline slicers are just a few examples of kitchen tools that can make cooking less time-consuming and less labour intensive.

Look into healthy ready meals

Ready meals aren’t all as unhealthy as they used to be. In fact, there’s a growing number of brands out there making healthy ready meals such as Wicked Kitchen. This can take the time and effort out of cooking healthy by not having to deal with prepping meat and vegetables.

Snack more, feast less

Snacking gets a bad rep for being unhealthy, but it can actually be a way of living more healthily if you also scale down your meals. By eating small amounts regularly rather than feasting, you can keep hunger at bay and you can train your metabolism to work faster. Small amounts of food are also easier to digest at once, putting less strain on your gut.

Learn to eat more slowly

Slowing down the pace at which you eat can also make a difference. Chewing food thoroughly makes it easier for the gut to break down, which can lead to nutrients being processed properly. You could also feel less bloated afterwards. This is a simple way in which many people can eat more healthily without having to make any changes to one’s diet.


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