Naturally Boost Your Libido with This Danish Aphrodisiac


Chocolate is a universal treat meant to be shared with loved ones. A sweet dessert that gets your ‘feel-good’ chemicals flowing by releasing serotonin into the bloodstream. An aphrodisiac. There’s nothing better, right?

Actually…There is.

Chocolate AND licorice, a highly potent aphrodisiac. Danish confectionary brand LAKRIDS by Johan Bülow had the brilliant idea to coat the licorice with chocolate. The result is a finger-licking treat for anyone looking sweeten up their palate and release those ‘happy’ hormones. 

Licorice and chocolate can boost intimacy. What’s more, licorice also has some history of being used for medicinal purposes. Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 8.07.43 PM.png

“In ancient times the licorice root was used in medicine. It’s even believed to be found in Tutankhamun’s [an ancient Egyptian’s] grave,” explains head of product development at Lakrids, Francisca Listov-Saabye.

In fact, licorice is still used in China for curing a sore throat or indigestion, she says.

Why is licorice so prominent in Denmark?

The Danish used to make cough medicine from licorice plants.

These plants were known as Glycyrrhiza Glabra and grew in the medical gardens outside monasteries.

“The roots are more than 50 times sweeter than sugar, making sure to cure cravings when giving in to that sweet tooth.” Listov-Saabye even refers to licorice as “a sweet hug” that can “cure you.”  It does so in more ways than one.

The scent of licorice alone creates a rush to libido in only a matter of seconds.

Men and women that have eaten licorice have reported feeling increased levels of lust, especially paired with other aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, ginger or wine. Karmasutra, a common Sanskrit guide on the nature of love and sex, includes recipes of licorice within it.

On a quest to make the whole world love licorice, Lakrids recently released two new limited-edition flavors in the U.S. Caramel Rouge and Strawberries + Cream. Both are available via and select specialty retailers nationwide. From $14 – $20 depending on size.

Lakrids by Bülow is a handcrafted luxury chocolate and licorice brand hailing from Denmark. The company ships to 36 countries globally and can be found in over 2,000 retailers worldwide – now including the U.S. 

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