How to Bring More Light into Your Home

The more light in your home, the airier and more open it will feel.

Do you want to make your rooms lighter and brighter, but are unsure how you can best achieve this? Don’t panic; clever techniques can be used to complete the look quickly and easily, or you may decide to make more significant changes for a full-on transformation.

People opt to make over their living space to make it lighter for many reasons. A light, airy room is often associated with a feeling of calmness and relaxation, thanks to the connotations of peace that white, light spaces evoke. Also from a wellbeing perspective, increased light may be an attractive option for people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or low mood. These examples demonstrate that there can be many positive reasons to make rooms lighter.

A room filled with light gives a feeling of spaciousness, freshness and can also make a place look much larger than it is. If the rooms of your home are currently on the dark and gloomy side and not naturally exposed to lots of light, here are some ways that you can introduce more light into your house to enjoy the benefits that a lighter, brighter home provides.

Let more Light In

If the room that you are trying to make more light in backs out onto your outdoor space, you may want to consider installing well designed french patio doors. The introduction of French doors will bridge the gap between your inside and outside area and will mean that your home will maximize the potential for sunlight to enter your home. On a practical level, installing French patio doors also makes accessing your garden so much easier, and is also a delightful way to watch wildlife in your garden while you relax.

As obvious as it sounds, thinking about your choice of window covering can really help here too. Opting for a sheer fabric will gently diffuse the light without shutting it out completely. It is also worth considering a blackout blind or blackout curtains if the room you are focusing on is a bedroom. While a feeling of lightness may be your aim during the day time, it may not be such an attractive option when dawn breaks and you want to get a few hours of extra sleep!

Consider Color

A room that has been decorated using dark paint colors or wallpaper will never maximize the light in your living space. Darker shades are great for creating a feeling of warmth and coziness, but not so great for a bright and airy look.

Painting the room in light colors will enable light to bounce off the walls and will also bring a fresh, crisp and clean aesthetic. Don’t forget to keep the woodwork light too, so that door frames and skirting boards all continue the look which you are trying to achieve.

Focus on Flooring

Ditching that dark coloured carpet will help to brighten up your room. Opting for a wooden or laminate floor will reflect light and has the added benefit of being easy to keep clean too. If you like the idea and look of hard flooring but want to retain warmth, it may be worth considering underfloor heating for a lovely feeling of warmth underfoot during the winter time. Don’t forget that just because a room looks light and airy, doesn’t mean that it can’t feel cozy and warm in the winter months.

If you prefer the feel of a soft carpet between your toes, then choose between a light colored carpet or go for the hard flooring since you can always add a luxurious rug to get the best of both worlds.

Light walls, light flooring and bright lights will make for a clean aesthetic in your home.

Clear out the Clutter

If you’re hoping to achieve a light and airy living space, why not also bring a feeling of lightness to yourself by taking the time to declutter. Too much stuff can weigh a room down and feel a little oppressive, not to mention majorly time-consuming to clean and dust!

If you’re changing things up a lot by transforming a dark, cluttered room, into an airy, calm living space, then the likelihood is that you may have a lot of items that are not in keeping with this new choice of décor. If that’s the case, you may want to try to keep your decorative items restricted to a smaller number which fit best with your room’s new look.

Add some sparkle

Reflective surfaces are a fantastic way to create a feeling of light and spaciousness. There are some beautiful mirrored furniture pieces out there which can be sourced by your interior designer. Mirrored furniture not only looks stunning but will also add to your cool, calm décor vibe. When comparing mirrored furniture or light colored furniture with heavy dark wood items, it’s easy to see how the darker pieces absorb the light, while the mirrored and lighter furniture pieces reflect the light.

Wall mirrors will also add a feeling of spaciousness too, but beware of mirror overload, or you will end up creating a fire risk! If you’re opting for mirrored furniture, then an interior designer will be able to help you get the balance just right, so that your room doesn’t end up looking like a mirror showroom!

Illuminate It

Continue the theme of sparkle when considering your room’s lighting options. A simple light shade can look dull, but the introduction of crystal style lamps and light fittings can be a great choice when creating a light and airy living space. A light fitting, such as a crystal style design can help to increase the style factor in your home significantly and provide an excellent feature piece for your room.


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