Easy Breathing Techniques for Anxiety and Sleep

Mindful breathing techniques
Give yourself energy, improve your respiratory system and calm yourself down with mindful breathing techniques

Just breathe. You may have heard this phrase all your life. Breathing techniques can definitely help when you’re trying to calm yourself down or you’re feeling overstressed.

But why do they help? We’re here to give you a few reasons why and show you a few simple tools.

Why is controlled breathing important?

It helps you calm down

As you take deep breaths, you’re calming down your brain and stopping your heart from racing. Calming yourself down is good to help you sleep, reduce anxiety, and keep your head cool when the stress seems to be too much. There are many reasons why you should look to heavy breathing, but the biggest one? It helps keep you calm as a cucumber.

Yet it gives energy

If you feel like you’re dragging, take a few deep breaths. This may be able to help replenish your energy. Energy is something we can never seem to get enough of. No matter how much sleep you get or how many energy drinks you consume, you can never seem to get enough. However, by breathing more, you may be able to help your lack of energy.

It helps improve your respiratory system

This is something we take for granted. Our lungs are vital in giving us life, but we don’t take too much care of them. Even if you don’t smoke, the pollution or pollen in the air can also affect them. By deep breathing on occasion, you can become capable of exercising your lungs and giving them the attention they oh-so deserve.

Controlled breathing teaches mindfulness

One of the reasons why breathing is important is because it’s one step closer to being more mindful. Mindfulness is when you’re fully focused on the present. It’s taking your worries about the past and the future, and telling them to go away. It can help you focus on what’s around you and help improve your physical and mental state.

Try these breathing techniques:

4-7-8 breathing

This is a simple breathing technique that keeps you calm. Some people say it’s a miracle cure for having trouble sleeping, while others just rely on it to stay mindful. Start by breathing in for four seconds, holding your breath for seven seconds, and then blowing it out for eight seconds. Keep repeating this until you feel at ease.

Some people say that breathing in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth is the most effective way. So try experimenting with many techniques. Mess around with the amount of time you hold your breath or let out the air, if you want to. You can cut the seconds in half, double them, and so on. It’s something any age can do. If your kid is having a hard time calming down, teach them this technique.

Meditation breathing

One of the most popular ways to breathe is through meditation. You take deep belly breaths and discard any thoughts that are useless or self-defeating. You may close your eyes, listen to some ambient noise, and get lost in your third eye. Even if you aren’t that spiritual or religious, meditation has many properties that you can benefit from.

Seek help

If you’re struggling with stress or other problems, and want to learn more ways to breathe, you may consider seeking the help of an online counselor. This isn’t to say that breathing techniques are a cure-all. An online counselor works at your own pace and gives you the ability to find the techniques that work the best for you. Sites like Regain.us can help you with finding the solace you need. Try them out today and see what we mean.

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