Jason Silva and His “Shots of Awe”

Jason Silva is the creator of a series of videos on self-love and improvement called “Shots of Awe.”

But that’s not what makes a wooping 1,046,983 people to follow his Facebook page.

Silva is an incredible story-teller. A performer. A magician. He gets psyched speaking about science, philosophy and human existence.

And people feed off his high-energy.

Who wouldn’t want to watch Silva’s three-minute video titled “What is the prescription for a happy life?” (Hint: a combination of living in the moment even when planning for the future).

Silva’s magnetic presence makes him appealing even to those who turn their nose up at self-helpy stuff.

His gestures are ample, similar to a prophet preaching atop of a mountain. His words are never dull: “mind waves,” “psychic car wash,” “cultural reality tunnels” etc. His stare, so intense, you’d think he’s trying to read your mind.

Silva’s inspirational videos, Shots of Awe, have received over 100 million views across social platforms. He’s given talks at events for Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, Adobe, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and many more.

Yet for all the passion he pours into his performances, Silva is also good at conserving his energy. “If I invest in my own experience, then usually I feel my best and perform my best,” he says.

There’s a sweet spot between staying grounded and staying inspired. And getting there, he thinks, it’s “a combination of ‘set and setting’ and sleep.”

Silva’s three golden rules? “I have to curate my environment. I have to choose my friends carefully. I have to get enough rest.”

Follow him on Twitter or Instagram.  But first, listen to this episode of The School of Greatness where he explains, among other things, how can we eliminate self-doubt and stop comparing ourselves.

Snacks From Influencers is a series asking social media influencers for advice on self-improvement. Responses are edited for space and clarity.


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