5 Easy and Cheap Ways To Have a Healthier Weekend

Healthier weekend
Getting out and enjoying the sunshine can be a great boost for your mental health.

What did you do last weekend? If you fell into the same routine of eating junk, getting drunk and sleeping in, you probably didn’t feel so great come Monday morning. Ready to break this unhealthy pattern? If so, here are five ways you can have a healthier weekend and truly relax while saving money.

Your cheat sheet to a healthier weekend

healthier weekend
This weekend, pamper yourself and spend time doing things you love that you don’t normally have time for.

1. Go to bed at a reasonable hour

Weekends are often associated with staying up late and sleeping in, but it’ll make you feel horrendous by the time the weekend is over. Instead, this weekend try going to bed at a reasonable time, and set your alarm to wake you up early. Aim for your 8 hours and you’ll be able to help your body and mind get back on track, while also making the most of your days.

2. Cook for yourself

Do you tend to eat out on the weekend? Why not cook for yourself or friends instead? It’s easy to overeat at the weekend, as well as spend a lot of money unnecessarily. Instead of dining out, take a look at some healthy recipes you’d like to make and enjoy taking the time to prepare a nice meal. The weekends can also be a great time to meal prep for the week, allowing you to enjoy healthier eating for the whole week ahead.

3. Walk or cycle everywhere

Getting out and enjoying the sunshine can be a great boost for your mental health, as well as help you get some much-needed exercise. By walking and cycling everywhere, you won’t have to worry about being stuck in traffic or road rage, and you can simply enjoy the journey, as well as your destination. A day without your car will help you realize that you don’t need it all the time, and could help you develop some better habits going forward.

4. Don’t drink

Is there anything worse than waking up on a Saturday and Sunday morning feeling hungover, broke and miserable? Why not try it without the drink this weekend? Despite what you might think, alcohol isn’t the remedy for social anxiety, and you should try enjoying socializing without a drink in your hand. Without the hangover holding you back, you’ll be able to make the most of those weekend days and feel like you achieved something, other than spending all of your earnings in one night!

Healthier weekend
Choose flavored water over boozy drinks and you’ll enjoy a migraine weekend .

5. Focus on your mental health

How often do you really get time for yourself? The weekends are often taken up by chores and social engagements that rarely leave room for a bit of you-time. So why not take this weekend to take a step back and focus on your mental health. Practice meditation and breathing techniques to combat anxiety, pamper yourself and spend time doing things you love that you don’t normally have time for. That step back can help give you a much-needed boost, ready to focus on the week ahead.

Taking steps towards a healthier weekend can benefit you in more than one way. Focus on yourself and try new things that break away from your typical weekend activities. That feeling of waking up recharged on Monday morning could spur you into making healthy changes for life that will help you make the most of every opportunity.


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