Motivate Your Staff to Be More Productive

When you have a full staff in your company, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they are happy and healthy. Given that you’re all adults, you would think that it’s not up to you to ensure that you stay accountable to them, but it is.

These people are spending anywhere between six and twelve hours of their day commuting to and spending time in your business.

You are paying them for that, but you want to maximize how productive they are when they’re in the office every day.

This comes down to employee happiness; happy people work better, longer and harder because they feel like they want to. Without that motivation, you have slower workers who remain sluggish and uninterested.

When that happens, you risk a higher turnover and always spending out more money training and hiring new people all the time. The biggest question for a management team: how do you motivate people to work hard?

The good news is that it’s not all that hard to make people feel wanted, looked after and happy. You could be a small or big business owner, but the game is still the same. Efficiency equals revenue, and you have the power to ensure that you get both.

Let’s take a look at how you can get the best out of your employees and have a more productive office all round:


Sometimes, it’s about more than giving an excellent salary and benefits. Sometimes, you need to think about the day to day provisions that you give your staff, from the ezH2O Liv to refill water bottles throughout the day, to the coffee machines you add in the kitchens. The more you feed the masses, the happiest they will be and the better they will concentrate. Make sure that you provide a range of accessible snacks and drinks so that your staff can get their thinking caps on and feel looked after.


What’s the point in being the boss if you’re never giving your staff any facetime? Communication is, and your employees have to meet the goals that you all set together. Make sure that you hold enough meetings and one to ones to ensure that people are happy that they are being communicated with and valued. Sometimes, something as simple as a “hello” can make people feel seen. Show your appreciation for their hard work and let them know that they are noticed.

Be The Example

If you are sloppy with your work and your attendance to the office, you can’t expect people to work hard and get things done. People want to achieve, but they don’t want to see someone in a management capacity slacking. You have to be the example that you want to see, and that means inflicting a good mood on your staff, showing excitement and letting people know that you care.


If you give people a chance to say how they’d like to do things in their role, they’re going to be more likely to feel confident enough to share how they would solve a problem.

Being the boss means helping people do their job the way that they do it, not the way that you would. Regular reviews allow your staff to know where they are with you, and they give you a chance to discuss any improvements that you want them to make. With regular meetings and goal setting conversations, you can help your employees to feel confident and empowered to be better all the time.


People need a goal. Whether it’s a sticker on a chart for doing well, or it’s a promotion at the end of the line people need to know that they are working for something. No one wants to go to work every day feeling like they have nothing to achieve. Set goals that are achievable and make the rewards known, too, and you’ll build people up and make them feel worthy.


We’ve mentioned the snacks and the refillable water bottle stream, but you need to think about what people want. Prizes for goals hit, gift cards and movie tickets for achieving above and beyond their role and cash rewards all help to make people feel encouraged to do well.

The best way to help your workers to feel motivated is to give them something to aim for. You can do this and maintain employee retention, ensuring that they are the happiest when they’re working for you.


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