When to Hire Movers vs. DIY

hire a mover

If you are planning to move any time soon, you’ll be faced with a lot of difficult choices. You’ll have to decide on a realtor and whether or not you will buy new furniture for the place.

One key decision that people don’t often take enough time to consider is if they should hire a mover or do it themselves. But before you decide, you should weigh the pros and cons to each option.

Pros of Moving Yourself:

You will be in control of every aspect of your move if you do it yourself. You will be able to decide what moving supplies you use and where your possessions are at all times. You will also have the flexibility to decide when you move and how you choose to go through with it.

May Save Money

If you are tight on money, then moving yourself may be the best option. Even if you are just moving down the street, it can be expensive for you to hire a moving company to do something you may be able to take the time to do it on your own.

Pack the Way You Want

You will be able to pack your belongings the way you want if you move yourself. If you hire a moving company, you don’t necessarily know where your things are, and some important items may be backed in the back of a storage container that you can’t get a hold of for a long period of time.

hire a mover

Cons of Moving Yourself:

A lot of Work

Moving yourself can be time-consuming. You will have to find time to pack and move everything. That is why it may end up taking a lot longer than you expected, which could cause other delays and issues.

Not Cheap

Moving yourself will often be cheaper than hiring a moving company. However, there are several costs associated with moving yourself. You will have to pay for gas and truck rentals. If you damage items while moving them, they are not insured, which could mean a higher possibility of damaged goods with no compensation.

Heavy Lifting

You will have to do a lot of heavy lifting, which increases the risk of injury, dropping and damaging an item that professionals could have handled better.

hire a mover

Pros of Hiring a Moving Company:

Little to No Work

A moving company will take care of all of the work for you. They will lift and carry your belongings, load them into the truck and take them to the right destination. Buying insurance can ensure an even safer and more efficient experience.


Experienced moving companies are reliable. You can rest assured that you will be able to move by the date you set. Family members and friends may have something come up at the last minute and could potentially make mistakes that delay the moving process.

Less Stressful

It is less stressful to hire a moving company. Moving companies save you time and frustration. If the thought of moving stresses you out, then you should hire a professional company to handle it.

Cons of Hiring a Moving Company:

You Work on Their Timeline

Moving companies have several other customers that they work for, and while your timeline is usually improved when hiring a company, there is always a possibility that you will have to work around their schedule. Make sure that if you have to move out by a certain date, you call several weeks or months in advance.


It is expensive to hire a moving company. Beyond the basic expenses, there are usually miscellaneous charges that you may have to pay for. For example, if a moving company has to use a smaller truck because the large one cannot fit into your neighborhood, there may be an upcharge, and so forth. Furthermore, it is customary to leave a gratuity for your mover, which is an unexpected cost.

In conclusion, whether or not you should hire a mover depends on your situation. If you are considering moving any time soon, go over these pros and cons again, and make sure you know whether hiring a moving company or doing it yourself is right for you.

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