A Minimalist Approach to Redecorating: Better Late Than Never

minimalist approach
The bedside drawer has to go. Think about all the other things you put in the drawer itself: Some books for bedtime reading, your smartphone, watches, glasses and lamps.

If you’re following the current interior trends and the thinking behind many of the most famous decor designers, you’ll know that minimalism is in full swing.

A redesign of postmodern decor was still the general practice even in the early part of this decade. However, more and more contemporary homes have begun shifting toward simpler styles and larger spaces. That’s why you will now find open floor plans are incredibly popular with young adults, and minimalism has taken over.

With less exterior space than ever before, many urban and suburban homes are leaning more toward having fewer things to create more space. Though, the majority of homes weren’t designed with these things in mind, as they come from a more traditional and classier time. But what if you’re really taken by the concept of minimalism and want more of that interior design style in your home? You can take a minimalism approach to re-decorating your entire home; it’s better late than never.

The largest traffic zone

Where do you get the most traffic in any part of the home? One might say the living room, because this is where most of the people in the home will come to sit, eat, drink and talk. Others might say the kitchen, because everyone comes in the room to make some food. Actually, it’s the zone that gets everyone to those rooms. We are of course talking about the hallway. This part of the home has the highest traffic zone of all. So, the last place you want put your things in is the hallway, since it limits your space and room.

Many homes will have pieces of artwork hanging on the wall in this narrow corridor. Others will have a last minute mirror to check out how they look. They might even set up a table with some flowers or a centerpiece for everyone to put their keys on. In reality, all of these things are not needed. Who still puts their car and home keys in a bowl by the front door? All you really need is perhaps a coat rack where everyone can hang up their most used jackets and coats. That’s it. Not only will there be fewer shadows in the hallway, but you’ll have so much more space when you open the door and walk inside.

The bottomless pit

As aforementioned, the living room is by far the most loved room in the whole house. One of the reasons it’s so loved is because it’s usually also the largest room. The living room, in that sense, often gives us a false sense of spatial awareness. We think because the room is large we can cram as many things as we want in it. Just take a look around at your own living room and see how many things you have in it. We put books, newspapers, magazines, photos, chairs, tables and so much more in our living room.

Does we really need all that? The minimalist approach says no, and all you basically need is a sofa, coffee table and some nice green through the addition of a plant will do. Perhaps a rug in the center of the room is also a good idea so the space between each wall is broken up.

The minimalist sofa choices are the contemporary style of corner sofas. These offer straight lines, clean and long from end to end. For coffee tables, again, you have the option of going with something more modern, such as a basic square shape with wood and rectangular designs. On the other hand, you can also use contemporary minimalist designs, which also come in single sheet glass with one central leg for support. For the rug, you can go with the typical neutral tones, such as pebble white and or a mixture of grey and black block patterns.

Where you lay your head

Perhaps the second most difficult challenge for the minimalist style enthusiasts is the bedroom. The kitchen is quite difficult too, but the bedroom is where we truly wish to make our abode. It’s where we should, of all places, allow our personality to ring through. But with a bedroom that functions for these reasons, you wouldn’t be staying true to the minimalist approach by offering yourself more space.

Consider, what can you live without? The bedside drawer, for one, has to go. Think about all the other things you put in the drawer itself. Some books for bedtime reading, your smartphone, your watches, glasses and lamps. All these things add to the room, whether it’s by form or function. So rather than having a drawer beside your bed, you should have just a medium height standing lamp. Rather than have a beauty mirror and table, you can just have one single small table that is for an ornament to stand on. Something like a vase or figurine would be a brilliant addition to the minimalist approach.

minimalist approach
For any minimalist home to truly be given a chance to succeed, you need a good old-fashioned clear out.

Starting over

For any minimalist home to truly be given a chance to succeed, you need a good old-fashioned clear out. Call it what you will, whether it’s spring cleaning or just starting over, you should move things out of the house. All the decor pieces that take up wasted space in rooms and block the minimalist approach from happening need to be moved out.

However, this also brings with it the challenge of cleaning the spaces that these pieces once covered. For the whole house to start over, you might want to hire SwiftClean which know how to clean homes from top to bottom. They also have professionals that know how to clean various materials without harming whatever they are removing stains from. Removing dust from carpets, rugs and curtains takes time and a certain level of skill which the employees of this kind of specialist company have.

The minimalist approach is so popular right now and appears to even be at the peak of its popularity cycle. This is a great chance to start over in your home, even if it was designed from an older time period. Consider the great opportunity you have with the hallway, as you can remove almost everything and bring out the true conceptual ideas of what this interior design style really offers; space and natural lighting.

Still need more help downsizing? Checkout our tips from the minimalist guru himself, Joshua Becker:

Most people do not fully recognize the burden that their possessions have become until they begin to remove them“- Joshua Becker

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