3 Keys to Create a Lifetime of Sexual Passion in Your Relationship

sexual passion
Make a weekly sex date. The more you make love, the more you are to prioritize intimacy.

After cupid does his job helping you fall in love, Dr. Cheryl Fraser handles the hard work and helps you keep the relationship’s sexual passion alive.

As a sex therapist, psychologist and author of “Buddha’s Bedroom: The Mindful Loving Path to Sexual Passion and Lifelong Intimacy,” the “passion triangle” has become a major foundation of her work. Also known as the “three keys to passion”, working on these parts of yourself and your relationship will help you make passion last a lifetime by turning your actions into real results.

Fraser describes the three keys as the qualities you want to pay attention to and make an effort to keep strong when wavering.

Follow Fraser’s 3 keys to unleash your sexual passion and create a sustainable relationship that lasts a lifetime:

1) Intimacy

This is considered the emotional connective piece to being in love. It includes feeling known, sharing your struggles, and even hopes and fears with your significant other. Intimacy also has the power to build closer communication when we begin to drift apart from each other.

2) Thrill

Thrill embodies the butterflies, and ultimately, the sexual passion. It is the feeling of excitement you get when your partner walks in the room and the leap of your heartbeat when you kiss. Though thrill tends to die early on, taking vacations, going on interesting dates and taking on new challenges together helps to keep the excitement alive.

3) Sensuality

Considered the most flagging part of relationships, sensuality is the erotic excitement experienced from kissing to having sex. Sometimes it involves putting yourself in a certain mindset of turning yourself on even when you aren’t actually in the mood.

Fraser’s top tip for improving sensuality? Set a weekly sex date.

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