Unwavering Faith: The First Step in Success

unwavering faith
Unwavering Faith + Extraordinary Effort = The Miracle Equation

By Hal Elrod

What if I told you there were only two decisions standing between you and everything you want for your life. What if I told you these were the same two decisions every successful person has made since the beginning of time in order to create extraordinary results?

These decisions are deceptively simple in their explanation and extremely rare in their execution.

They are: unwavering faith and extraordinary effort

All extraordinary accomplishments begin with establishing the faith that you can do anything you’ve never done before. And this is realized only by maintaining your faith, while putting forth the necessary effort until your accomplishment is attained. However, making and maintaining these decisions may be easier said than done.

We’ve all been there, jazzed up about a new goal and a clear vision in our mind of what it will look like to accomplish that goal. You know exactly what you have to do to get there, and you believe it’s possible. You take your first steps and are cruising along. Then suddenly . . . thud.

You hit an obstacle you weren’t expecting.

Results aren’t happening as quickly as you hoped. Maybe no one is getting back to you on those resumes you sent out. Maybe your boss put you on a new project just when you were planning to use your free time to work out or start your own blog. It could even be that you’ve launched your new product, but the sales aren’t rolling in at the rate you were expecting.

It’s at times like these that maintaining faith in ourselves—and specifically, our ability to reach our goals — is challenging. The bigger the obstacle thrown in front of you, the more discouraged you might feel. This is when you are most vulnerable to throwing faith out the window and going back to life as you knew it.

When you don’t see the results you expect, it’s natural to let your faith waver. As soon as you’ve lost your faith, the effort that is necessary to achieve your goal disappears right behind it.

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself once or twice, “What’s the point in even trying when I simply don’t believe reaching my goal is likely?”

Thus, everything you want in life hinges on your commitment to establish and maintain unwavering faith. This means for an extended periods of time (aka “for as long as it takes”), regardless of your results along the way.

Although you can call faith by another name — belief, confidence, or conviction — those who create extraordinary lives do so by establishing faith they can do anything. And they continue to reinforce and maintain that faith until they create what they desire. Thus, their faith is unwavering.

Maintaining unwavering faith defies our inborn human nature, in which our faith tends to be influenced by our past and present results and circumstances. Establishing faith that you can overcome or accomplish something you’ve never overcome or accomplished before requires
you to venture outside your comfort zone. It requires you to see yourself as different—better than you’ve ever been. And envision a possibility that may lack evidence it’s actually possible.

Establishing such faith isn’t normal or natural, and it certainly isn’t automatic. Establishing faith in your limitless capabilities, and maintaining that faith for as long as it takes to see measurable results requires a conscious, deliberate and ongoing effort to do so.

To establish and maintain unwavering faith, I recommend writing down and repeating what I call your “Miracle Mantra:”

I am committed to maintaining Unwavering Faith that I will reach my goal, and putting forth Extraordinary Effort until I do. No matter what. There is no other option.

Repeat that mantra every single day. Multiple times a day. This will create new neural pathways in your brain and reprogram your subconscious mind so that unwavering faith becomes your default way of thinking.

Unwavering faith and extraordinary effort each pulls its own weight, and they also support each other. Instead of viewing them as two distinct lines of action, it’s more realistic to view them as a circle or a wheel. They work together.

When you establish the “unwavering faith” you can reach a goal, you create the internal drive necessary to propel yourself into action. This is your “extraordinary effort”. That effort then feeds into a sense of deservingness that fuels more faith.

When you are plugged into both, “The Miracle Equation” works. But if you fall off track with one, the process will come to a grinding halt. They function as feedback for each other.

When you approach your life, your goals, your dreams, and even your relationships with unwavering faith and put forth extraordinary effort, you’ll keep the feedback loop going. That’s how you create miracles again and again. That is how you live by creating tangible, measurable miracles in your life.

After surviving multiple near-death experiences and impacting millions of lives through his books, Hal Elrod is on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity. He’s also a bestselling author of The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions that Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible.

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