Everything You Need to Throw A Killer Barbeque Party This Summer

barbeque party

Slowly but surely, we’re starting to see sunny days emerge. As the temperatures rise and the clouds clear, this means one thing: It’s barbeque season. And that also means it’s time for a barbeque party.

That’s right, it’s time to pull your barbeque out from the shed, buy some coal or lighter fluid and get cooking.

A barbeque is also a great option if you’re thinking about inviting some guests around or perhaps throwing a party for the neighbors on your street. The right barbeque event could certainly make you very popular indeed. But only if you set it up correctly.

So, what do you need for an awesome barbeque party that is guaranteed to be a hit? Well, here are some recommendations:

Grill The Veg

One mistake people often make with a barbeque is only grilling the meat. Instead, you should be thinking about grilling the veg on the menu as well. This gives it a crispy texture with that classic barbeque taste.

There are various types of vegetables you can grill which will go great with burgers or hot dogs. Examples may include red peppers and corn on the cob. Barbeque these until they become golden around the outside for an extra punch of flavor. This makes the perfect topping for your burgers and buns.

Try Some Vegan Options

If you are planning on inviting all the neighbors around for a good old fashioned barbeque, then you should definitely consider investing in some vegan-friendly options. We’re not suggesting you should embrace the vegan lifestyle, though it is one of the fastest growing diets in the world today. As such, it’s worth being prepared for some of your guests that aren’t meat-lovers.

As well as this, you might find the taste of substitute burgers absolutely delicious. And the best part is that vegetarian burgers do provide health benefits. As such, there’s very little reason not to give these a go yourself. If you are interested in exploring this possibility further, you can also look at recipes and guides online about how to make your own vegan burgers.

Don’t Forget The Ribs

Ribs are always going to be a popular choice at your barbeque party, so you need to make sure these are on the menu. There are actually a few choices to consider. You could opt for St Louis style pork spare ribs or baby back. The key difference here is that baby back ribs are generally leaner and offer less meat. So, if you want to satisfy your guests and ensure they leave the table full, you might want to opt for the St Louis style product.

Remember, the most important thing about ribs is how well the meat falls away from the bone. The best ribs will provide meat that easily tears away so guests don’t have to revert back to their caveman ways.

Set Up A Seating Area

Setting up a barbeque isn’t just about getting the right food prepared. You also need to think about planning out the perfect environment. To do this, you need to get the right seating. The days are gone when garden seating meant plastic deck chairs. These days, you can be more adventurous and dare we say, stylish. Lounge yard furniture is the perfect blend of comfortable living and also durable enough for the garden.

You also want to think about adding some decorative features to your seating area. For instance, if you want a centre attraction, then you may wish to consider a fire feature. These have become very popular and offer a dazzling decorative piece for your garden.

Barbeque parties often go late into the evening so you should also make sure you have the right lighting. Hanging lights that can be set up overhead in the form of lanterns are a very cool choice. They’ll bathe your garden in a mystical glow.

Keep The Bugs Away

Finally, nothing ruins a barbeque more than when the bugs start to appear. You can avoid this issue by making sure you set up a fan. This will keep the area cool and avoid bugs emerging that like hot or humid environments.

You also need to get rid of any stagnant water, as this is another environmental factor that does bring the bugs out in full force. Insect shields are another possibility you can set up around the garden to ensure that the bugs are gone for good.

Now start planning your next awesome summer barbeque party!

Want to throw another party at home? Keep reading for more tips.


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