3 Ideas to Revamp Your Home For Summer

Revamp home for summer
Updating furniture to incorporate lighter tones will make rooms look more bright and airy.

Since summer injects everything with more excitement and energy than usual, it’s not surprising people get inspired to update their homes in the summer months.

If you’re looking around and feeling like your home is in need of a revamp for summer, here are a few ideas to get started:

1. Beautify the Garden

You’re bound to spend more time enjoying the garden during the summer months. If it’s been a bit unloved lately, now is your chance to make it a place you and your loved ones want to spend long days in. Along with planting colorful flowers and trimming back overgrown hedges, you can think of adding little extras too.

A swinging chair or a gorgeous table and chairs can make your garden a cozy hang-out spot. You could add an outdoor grill, or even a pizza oven, for family barbeques. If you have a porch or decking, you can update the look by washing or stripping it, and then applying a fresh coat of paint in a bright, modern shade.

2. Bring in More Natural Light

Summer is all about sunshine, so you’ll want to maximize the natural light flooding into your home. You’d be amazed at how much light grubby windows can block out. Clean the windows until they sparkle and see what a difference it makes. Blinds or shutters are great at letting the light in since they are completely out of the way when not in use. If you have curtains, make sure the poles are much wider than the window. This allows you to draw them fully open.

It might be the perfect time to paint your walls, too. Using light, neutral tones will really open the space and help to reflect the light. Updating furniture to incorporate lighter tones will also make rooms look more bright and airy. You can also make use of mirrors on the walls to carry the sunlight across the room.

3. Revamp the Roof

If your roof has seen better days, now is a great time to fix it. A damaged roof can cause all kinds of problems for your property. Not to mention, a shabby roof can make your whole home look less than appealing. The dry summer days are a perfect time to sort the roof out.

If it’s simply a cosmetic fix that’s needed, a decent clean will do the trick. You could use a pressure washer to freshen up the roof tiles, but the gutters might need a bit more TLC. It’s not exactly a pleasant job, but getting up on a ladder to clean out the gutters can help protect your whole roof from damage caused by trapped debris.

Roof inspections should be done twice yearly to make sure there isn’t any damage. So you might be due one this summer. For safety, it’s best to get a professional to take a look. Whether you’re looking to replace the roof to handle current issues or increase aesthetic, there are many roofing companies to help you to achieve this.

If you find that you’ve caught the revamp bug this summer, explore these home upgrade ideas that just scream success.

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