Home Renovations: The Three Essential Rooms

home renovations
For the garage, get a tool board to hang all of your workshop tools and use the storage space for spare tires, engine parts and so on. 

Your home is perhaps the most expensive investment you’ll make in your life. To accommodate your plans, you’re going to need to invest in your home and make the most out of it.

While you’re probably thinking of projects like bedrooms, a new kitchen or a living room renovation, other parts of your house need a bit of love as well.


Your basement should be considered an extension of your home. Don’t use it as a storage dump. Declutter your house well enough, and you’ll find that you don’t actually need much storage space.

Clean it up, give it a lick of paint, and consider hiding any exposed piping and wiring with walls. That way you can make your basement a little more sturdy and section it off into smaller rooms. If your basement is already quite small, then you can turn it into an extra room.

If your basement is too small for any significant renovations, then you could consider extending it. This will require planning permission and help from contractors, but it’s a fantastic way to get lots of extra space to build a game room, hobby room, additional bedrooms or even a home cinema setup. If you’re really fancy and want the ultimate in luxury, then a basement pool is another option if you have a relatively large home.


Most garages are abandoned due to the convenience and speed of merely storing your car outside of the garage in the driveway instead. Get rid of those ugly shutters, and instead, replace it with new roller doors. Also look into getting garage floor epoxy to give it a nice finish. 

You could convert your garage into a productive and feature-rich car shop. Get a tool board to hang all of your workshop tools and use the storage space for spare tires, engine parts and so on. 

Another fantastic use of your garage is to turn it into another usable room, such as an extra kitchen, bedroom or hobby room.

Laundry Room

A laundry room is usually forgotten about despite how much we use it, so here are a couple of ideas to give it a little more love.

First of all, don’t treat your laundry room like a dump. It’s an essential part of your home that serves an important function, so treat it much like you treat your kitchen. Clean it up regularly, make sure the room is free of dirt and dust, and have plenty of storage space for things such as extra linen and washing items.

A couple of practical additions to your laundry room could make it even more useful. For starters, if you have pets and your laundry room leads to your garden or a side entrance, then you could install a pet washing station. The pet washing station can also be used to blast dirt and grime off things such as shoes and boots before they’re stored away inside the home.

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