When Does A Habit Become An Unhealthy Addiction?

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Many of us are guilty of habits that could be considered unhealthy. But when does one of these habits become an addiction? Here are a few signs that your habit may be something more serious.

Your habit is causing harm to you and the people around you

Once your habit starts to cause harm to you or the people around you, it’s a major sign it’s become unhealthy. For instance, if you smoke you may have noticed that you’re coughing a lot, or worse, non-smokers that spend a lot of time with you are coughing.

Even an ordinarily healthy habit like exercise could become unhealthy if you’re overexerting yourself and causing bodily harm or neglecting other commitments.

Certain addictions such as gambling could also be causing financial harm. Organizations like Gamcare have more information on beating this type of addiction.

You experience withdrawal symptoms when taking a long break

With many addictions involving substances, withdrawal symptoms are a clear sign you are unhealthily hooked. When it comes to harder drugs like methamphetamines or heroin, these withdrawal symptoms can be severe and even dangerous. A rehab clinic such as New Bridge Foundation may be needed to help you overcome these symptoms.

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Even if the your habit doesn’t involve consuming some sort of substance, withdrawal symptoms can still form, which is the sign that it maybe an unhealthy addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms could be mental as well as physical. If you’re feeling depressed every time you’re not partaking in your habit, it could be a sign.

You’ve tried to quit on your own, but you can’t

An obvious sign that you are addicted is the inability to give up on your own. Perhaps you tried giving up drinking alcohol for a week, but couldn’t manage at all. In this case, you may require the encouragement of others. Joining a support group may be able to offer this encouragement.

You feel you have to hide the extent of your habit from people

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Good habits are things we shouldn’t be ashamed of. If you’ve noticed that you’re hiding the extent of your habit such as hiding drinks bottles or lying about how much you gamble, it could be a sign that you’ve got an unhealthy addiction.

How to break your addiction

There’s no easy way to break an addiction. Your best option is to seek out professional support – they will be able to guide you depending on the severity of your addiction.

Avoiding temptations is also important and you should refrain from hanging out in places or hanging around with people that could convince you to relapse. Try to record your progress so that you’re aware of which steps you’re making.

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