4 Ways to Indulge in Halloween Candy — and Not Hate Yourself After

Woman holding Halloween Candy
Celebrate Halloween by eating candy in moderation.

Halloween is a very fun time for adults, kids, and especially with adults that have kids! You get to dress up, watch scary movies, decorate your house, go on haunted hayrides, you know the deal. Perhaps the very best part of Halloween is also the most dangerous: the Halloween candy. Even if you don’t have kids in your life candy seems to always find a way to you and if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle it can be hard to resist.

Let’s look at some ways you can indulge in that sweet tooth and not be afraid to step on the scale this Halloween:

1. Get Active

This may seem obvious but if you do plan on treating yourself to some sweets this October, do some extra work to burn and earn those calories! Even something as simple as walking for a half-hour in the morning or evening can allow you to have a little more wiggle room when your sweet tooth starts chirping at you.

Burning off the Halloween Candy

If you have little kids who want to go trick or treating don’t you dare offer to go in your car with them and drive up and down the streets! Get your cardio in and walk those miles as they pile up their Halloween candy collection.

2. Stay Aware of Calories 

There is a bit of a misconception that people have and that I’ve had even myself. That misconception is that if you’re eating healthy you need to avoid anything with lots of sugar at all costs. Candy, donuts and ice cream are a huge no-no.

Halloween Corn Candy
Nineteen pieces of Candy Corn has 140 calories and 32 grams of sugar.

However, if you are doing something like calorie counting, which I recommend to anyone trying to lose weight, then you can realistically eat anything you want! Any candy you want to eat will have a nutritional food label and make perfectly clear how many calories it contains.

Should you let Halloween candy take up half of your caloric intake? No!

Can you treat yourself to a fun-size Snickers or two when you’ve allowed there to be room on your calorie tracking? Yes! 

3. Wait To Buy Your Halloween Candy

Let’s be clear, there is no need to purchase Halloween candy for your prospective trick or treaters two weeks before Halloween. You will become a trick or treater every night for those two weeks if you do so. Wait until the day of Halloween to buy that bulk candy! The store will not be sold out, I promise. 

Halloween Candy in bulk
Buying Halloween candy in bulk will save both your wallet and your waist.

4. Find Healthy (ish)  Alternatives 

I’m not here to tell you to eat more apples and grapes to satisfy your Halloween sweets cravings but believe it or not, there are organic candy companies out there that use real fruit extracts and planet friendly ingredients.

There are some great companies that offer a ton of variants and while you still don’t want to eat these by the handful, you can have peace of mind knowing you are still putting natural stuff into your body 

The secret to living a healthy happy life without having to deal with intense cravings of unhealthy foods and sweets in moderation. For myself, I will pick out a night or two when I allow myself to indulge in Halloween candy I wouldn’t eat regularly.

Bowl of grapes
Frozen grapes are a delicious, low-calorie alternative to candy.

It gives me something to look forward to and when I do have it, it’s very enjoyable and I don’t feel that terrible guilt and shame afterward as well as avoiding the scale for the next few days. This Halloween, take steps before and during to enjoy those sweet snacks that seem to be creeping all around you, and then move on with your healthy life!

Daniel Wittler is a writer from New Jersey who writes for sites like www.sugaraddiction.com. Try their 10-day FREE sugar detox program!


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