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Your go-to source of bite-sized advice brought to you by self-help experts.


Hold on…The whole concept of self-help makes us cringe too. But the self-help industry is much more than meets the eye. Sandwiched between trailblazers like Oprah or Tony Robbins and the mystical world of shamans and astrologists, there’s an entire ecosystem of experts.

We’re talking about therapists, scientists, business coaches, fitness trainers and more.

Their knowledge is pure gold.

But many are not interested in acing the marketing game, which means you’re less likely to see their names popping up in your social media feeds.



As someone who knows a thing or two about what makes a good story, I’m perfectly happy to dig through all this information and pack their advice into bite-sized content you can digest on your morning commute.

While a sanity snack can be inhaled in five minutes flat, it has enough staying power to get you through your day or simply give you a nice jolt of mental energy.

And if you crave more? Go and check out our sources’ websites, books and podcasts. Follow them on social media.


Andreea Ciulac


As a former journalist for Chicago Tribune’s Life&Style section, it was part of my job to interview these experts for simple and effective advice.

That’s when I realized they deserve more than half a page once in a blue moon. So I built this platform.

Through a mix of genuine curiosity and well-crafted questions, I’ll get my guests to open up and share their best tips. There will be minimal editing. And zero self-help lingo → “shine your light,” “the universe listens” etc.

Read more about my story and how I started The Sanity Snack. 

My experience ranges from writing health, fashion and consumer stories to editing a weekly series called Social Graces.

Previously, I lived and worked as a social reporter in Romania, my home-country.

The rest of the team



Lily is an ambitious 20-year-old who edits Sanity Snack stories and manages the site’s media marketing. And she pulls these jobs off while studying creative writing and business at the University of Iowa.


Sarah-Rose is an enthusiastic 21-year-old who manages the site’s social media marketing and hunts for stories to feature on the Sanity Snack. She pulls it all off while studying psychology and graphic design at DePaul University.


Iulia is a talented 30-year-old working in the corporate world, while training to become a psychotherapist in the UK. Thanks to her knack for outside-the-box stories, the Sanity Snack readers are constantly introduced to new experts around Europe.

One of Iulia’s best findings? Luke Pemberton, a self-esteem expert based in Austria, who draws his way through fears and difficult emotions. Read his piece on Overcoming Self-Doubt for Good.


Our mission is to help you get a deeper understanding of yourself and connect better with the world around you. So don’t be selfish; share your sanity snacks with loved ones. With coworkers. With strangers on the train. With your barista. With everyone.

This one small action will impact their life in ways you can’t imagine.


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